Micropromotions. Make your way up the reward curve




Skepticism is now slowly being replaced by inevitable nature of reality and self-reflection: many of the reasons that fueled HF21 and turning into a reality. I think most people will agree last harfork it has been a success in terms of wealth distribution.

There is still one controversial topic: the unfair access to high end of the reward distribution curve.

Reward distribution barrier for minnows

At steemium, we are glad to present a new promotion paradigm for content creators: micro-campaigning.

What is micro campaigning?

The current HF21 system has a small flaw: small stakes or small SP accounts cannot access the profitable area of the reward distribution curve as easily as whale or bigger accounts.

By micro promoting your content to the 1-3 USD payout area, you guaranteeing a fair relative ROI.

Promote now at Steemium your post for as little as 1USD worth

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