Scars bring value and should be appreciated.

That is the words we would hear from customers, after picking up their leather coats and jackets from us, after we cleaned them.

Those cuts are scars, those scars reveal the quality of leathers. Qualities that those that don't understand leather, don't understand that the scars are a characteristic quality of the leather. Those scars are history, telling what the animal had to endure while it was alive.

See, people that just think of the leather jacket as just an item to wear will never notice the characteristics of the scars and cuts on the surface of the jacket. The leather has more value to it, other than monetary. There is a True Value to the leather garment, one that cannot be denied.

The leather jacket was once, part of a living, breathing, eating, and sleeping animal. One that, during its lifetime, probably endured such things as barbed wire, thistles, thorns, to mention a few, trying to live and survive its everyday life.

A person that buys the leather items in the store, only looking at the price tag, the style and cut of the jacket, the color, the right fit, is paying for the finished product, after the Tanner in the tanning process, has filled the scars full of filler, masking the scar to those would be shoppers. Then when the item gets cleaned, and the filler is washed out in the cleaning process, thinking that what they bought was an unflawed leather item, soon finds out differently after the cleaning.

The scars bring the person closer to the fact that the leather item that they are wearing, is more than just a coat or a jacket. Only then, can the owner of the jacket, realize the true value of what they wear as part of their wardrobe. Giving the wearer the opportunity to appreciate the item that they are wearing, that much more.

The same is true with an individual's heart. Our hearts acquire scars from others that have cut and bruised it. Some of the scars laid waste upon our hearts were done so intentionally, while other scars were unintentional. We mask the scars to hide them, so that individual we start off together with, in a new relationship, the pain, and the hurts of our past relationships won't be known.

Because of that, an incident happens in the new relationship causing the revealing of the scars. And Lots of times, even during incidents, scars still goes unnoticed by the other member of the relationship, because of being guilty of not taking the time, to even notice any damage that they may have caused to the heart.

If a person cares about another enough, he/she will appreciate the heart of the person that they are in a relationship with, that much more, after the scars brought into the relationship, once unnoticed, are now revealed. Having a Desire to hold the heart, and to protect the heart, that much more, from more harm.

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