Pelosi delays impeachment, seeks a "fair" trial..

So let’s say that you came home and found that someone had burglarised your house, or seemingly so.

You have a suspect in mind, and it’s someone that you despise. In order to get the individual convicted, the individual has to have the charge of burglary brought upon him. But in order to get the charge on the individual, a due process inquiry, similar to a Grand Jury has to take place.

During the process, hand picked witnesses are presented to give their testimony and opinions. The panel members questioning the witnesses that wish to dig deeper into their testimonies and opinions, are cut short during their questioning for more information on their testimony and opinion. Also, further witnesses that they would like to hear from, believing that they would be able to shed more light on whether this is the suspect or not, are not allowed to be heard.

Finally the charge is brought, now comes time for the conviction.

But now the trial on the charge(s) is considered postponed for fear that the charges’ evidence on your home’s burglary suspect, will be found null therefore void during the trial.

By postponing sending the charges to trial, the wheels keep spinning on accusations, with no conviction.

In other words, no crime was done, until trial proves a crime was committed.

Impeachment does not show that a crime was committed. Impeachment only brings charges.

Send it to trial, otherwise, a crime hasn’t been committed.

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20.12.2019 06:01

Yeah nice example :) hand over the dam articles so we can get it over with!

21.12.2019 13:27

A fair trial? Lmao as if.

23.12.2019 20:15