Late stage capitalism.

I keep seeing this term, and a I'm struck by its hubris. How do we know we're in late stage capitalism? How could we know unless we're applying a theoretical/ideological template that lets us pretend we can predict the future?

Perhaps we're only in mid-stage capitalism. Or if we consider the likelihood of continuing economic evolution over the course of another 500 years - a mere blink of the eye in human history, a future people who will be closer in time to us than we are to Henry the V, but farther than we are from the industrial revolution - how can we know that they won't view our era as still early stage capitalism?

We don't know the future, so we don't know where we are in the long timeline of history. People who utter the phrase "late stage capitalism" are not, as they think, insightful, but limited in their vision to only the very short timeline of history from the 18th century to the present.

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