A blessing in disguise.

Blessings in disguise. If you haven’t experienced one yet, just hold on. You’ll get your first one soon.

These blessings that come our way, may affect our education, our finances, our careers, our relationships, or maybe even our religious and political ideologies.

“If she would have been faithful" by Chicago, released in 1987, shares such a blessing in disguise through a song about a relationship.

As these blessings comes our way, they disguised themselves as us going through the worst days of our lives, throwing up roadblocks that we keep trying to hurdle ourselves through.

It is when we give up, and accept the other route that life is trying to steer us through, that we realize the blessing. Had we kept fighting blessing, continuing on the path we were on, we would have been cheated of the blessing.

We could not have received some of the greatest things in life that have come our way, unless we finally let go of other things that we had felt was so vital in our life. Jobs, careers, education, finances, relationships, etc. It’s not until afterwards, emerging out of the change that we realize the blessing.

My thoughts goes to an individual who started his own business after being let go from a company that he had been with for years. Being let go from a business after putting years into it, is hard to accept. How can a person reason with that?

He said "It could have been worse. They could have kept me". Meaning that if they had not let him go, letting him retire with the company, he wouldn't have become as successful as he had become.

What life teaches you each day you live, it’s all for a reason and a purpose. Disguised it may be, a blessing it is.

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