78 years on from Pearl Harbor.

78 years ago today, Pearl Harbor, was attacked. 9 U.S. ships were sunk, and 2,402 personnel lost their lives.

When we hear about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, it is about the devastation and loss of lives. But there’s also another side of the story of the attack. Our military fought back on that surprise attack. I believe our military fought back in such a way, that it was a surprise to the Japanese.

One thing that stood out to me, is that the Japanese attacking force LOST 29 planes during the attack, along with 5 submarines, 64 personnel killed, one sailor captured, and 74 aircraft damaged from the ground fire. That’s proof that our military wasn’t scurrying around looking for someplace to hide. Even in the unexpected, they acted in defense.

29 enemy aircraft lost, 74 enemy aircraft damaged. There were two waves of attack’s by the attacking force and had planned a third wave. 20 of the 29 aircraft lost to the Japanese, came during their second wave.

A third wave of attack was planned, but it was scrapped due to their huge loss in the second wave.

If a third was launched, there was fear that the second wave would be dwarfed by a greater loss in a third wave attack.

When it comes to freedom coming under attack, whether from foreign, or domestic, the United States is ready to defend it.

The ballot box is the greatest weapon we have to defend freedom against domestic enemies of our freedom. Yet, either we refuse to vote, or vote in those that wish to take away or limit our freedom.

2020 elections, think of your freedom. Think of those that have given their lives so that freedom prevails. Not only Pearl Harbor, but also from the very first recorded North American Colonist that lost their life in the Revolutionary War, Crispus Attucks, a Wampanoag Native American and African descent, till today.

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