Walk with me the contest tells about your pet that has died or lost

Hello Steemian friends ..
Previously I apologized because I just had a chance to hold a contest today, this is because my condition is not healthy after a few days of illness.

So, this time I want to hold a contest for Steemian who is an animal lover or who has pets. But I chose a slightly different topic because what I want to know is your lost or dead pets.


The reason I chose this topic was because I wanted to know how sad you felt when you lost an animal you loved.
Actually, this is inspired by my experience. A few days ago, about one week ago I lost my favorite cat named Black Cat. Every day and night I took the time to walk around my house and neighbors and also the bushes to the public cemetery to look for cats that made me fall ill.

Prizes that will be won 25 Steem

1st Prize - 10 Steem
2nd Prize - 8 Steem
3rd Prize - 7 Steem

The Rules

  • Subscribe to the Walkwithme community
  • Any language
  • Posts must be in the #Walkwithme community.
  • More than 150 words and Tell me about your pet that has died or is missing
  • If it's your favorite pet, surely you have saved a picture of them, add at least 3 or more.
  • Resteem this post so more people will know.
  • Mention me in your posts so I can easily see.
  • Post your link in the comments.
  • Use the first tag #walkwithme , #contest #petmemories and your country (ex. Indonesia).
    The contest takes place after this post is published and will end on the date (Mei 22 -2021).

I hope to hear your stories about the animals you really care about. And when you lose them what do you do !! 😔

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Kontes yang bagus @lidiasteem

15.05.2021 14:13

Thank you...

15.05.2021 15:26

Great contest @lidiasteem :)

16.05.2021 17:32

Thank you 😊

16.05.2021 18:19

Hola amiga @lidasteem, aquí enlace de mi participación

Gracias por la iniciativa y así podemos decantar tantas emociones💙💙🐶🐕💔

18.05.2021 17:20

Am greatly sorry for your health, it's so good to have you back and stronger. This is a very nice contest, @lidiasteem ,I wish i could participate in the contest, after i lost my pet, my mum had to discard her pictures because I usually Cry bitterly anytime i see them. Its been years but I have never attempted getting another pet, because am scared I might loose them again.

20.05.2021 02:32

I really understand how you feel, I know what it feels like to lose. Like I lost my cat, but I still have lots of photos of it, even on my blog.
Having a pet is like having a friend or even a friend. 😊

20.05.2021 17:26

Thank you for your understanding

20.05.2021 19:08

Saludos no han publicado los ganadores de este concurso

28.05.2021 08:37