Love to eat Junk food? Read this !!

What is Junk Food? Not eating trash, but food that causes more harm than good. Even though Junk food has a good taste, if someone consumes regularly or excessive junk food it will cause disturbances to one's health.
As for some examples of foods that are commonly called junk food, namely: burgers, potato chips, french fries, sweet candy, cassava chips, or foods that do not contain a lot of nutrients.

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Some types of junk food do have a good taste but these foods have very little nutrition and contain more sugar, calories, and even salt which is not good for the health of the body.
But even so, not all of the foods I mentioned above can cause disease if they are consumed in excess.

The consequences that will be experienced by someone if they often consume excessive junk food.
  • Heart disease
    Excessive consumption of junk food can trigger a disease in a person's body such as heart disease. This is caused by indirectly junk food will add fat to the body And also will lower good cholesterol in the body so increase blood pressure or cholesterol in the body.
  • Obesity
    Junk food has a very high fat content so that if someone consumes excessive junk food it can cause a drastic risk of gaining weight which causes obesity.
  • Diabetes
    The sugar content of junk food is very high will result one's body become not sensitive against insulin.

So those are some of the bad consequences if someone eats too much junk food.
And if you are used to eating these foods, try to hold back and as much as possible to divert your desires or replace them with other healthier foods.
And if you are trying to avoid eating junk food, one way is to avoid shopping or buying food when you are being attacked by excessive hunger. Choose foods that contain lots of protein so that it makes your stomach full a little longer and besides that it's better if you consume lots of water.

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