✯Desing Your Shirt for STEEM✯ || Printing the Hoodie With the Steemit Logo


Hello Steemian Friends...

Hi all Steemian friends, sometimes happiness comes with something we can't predict. Today I feel happy to be able to participate in this really cool contest that is ✯Desing Your Shirt for STEEM✯.

This is not the first time I have printed shirts with the Steem logo. In 2018 I had printed a shirt and a hat with the steem emblem on the back of the shirt and the front of the hat. And a few months ago I also printed a shirt with the SteemitFoods logo.



Actually not today, since I read @stephenkendal's post which held a contest or event Desing Your Shirt for STEEM which was inspired by @saracampero, I immediately had the idea to take part in this interesting contest. My heart says, maybe I won't win because besides me there are many other Steemians who are even more powerful than the way they design a logo. However, I was also not discouraged because of that, I was quite optimistic thinking "I want to attract people's attention when they read the writing on the clothes I wear, making them curious and finally ask What is Steemit?"

The next day, I immediately wanted to go into the field, which of course was looking for the nearest screen printing shop to print T-shirts. However, unfortunately all the shops in the Sigli area are closed. Not giving up on that day, today I returned to the "Seunalen Screen Printing" shop.

Jl. Professor Abdul Majid Ibrahim, Blk. Sawah, Sigli City, Pidie Regency, Aceh 24114.

I sent the logo to be screen printed on the shirt and the shop owner was observing how many colors he needed to print.


He tried to apply a logo design on his clothes


I had to wait a few hours for my t-shirt to be screen printed. While I was waiting for my clothes to finish, I continued my journey to the Mini town, which is the screen printing place too. I google search Some good screen printing places and I want to try to print there. It took a few minutes to depart from the city of Sigli to the Mini town.


Kuta Me Sablon
Gampong Lada, Mutiara Tim., Pidie District, Aceh 24186
Before I got there I stopped at a clothing store and bought a white hoodie. I want to try printing on a hoodie so that I can wear it when I travel long distances. I bought the hoodie for IDR 100,000.

Shirt Printing Process


First he printed the logo I sent on a piece of paper.


He prepared a logo print


The mold is finished


Paint and painting


Paint dryer


Yeeeyyy... The result

With enthusiasm, I took my clothes that had been printed. After that I paid a screen printing fee of IDR 65,000.
After taking my hoodie, I returned to the city of Sigli to pick up my screen printing shirt from Seunalen screen printing.


The result

I spent approximately $ 21 USD to print these 2 t-shirts. Actually I want to print a few more but, I think that's enough for today, maybe the next opportunity.
And at the end of my post, I invite @imamalkimas, @mudajuli , @nuzulul-karnia , To take part in the contest

I hope you like my work... ❤️

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10.04.2021 16:52

Neubi baje saboh :D

10.04.2021 17:12

Oo jeut.....

10.04.2021 19:58

Hello beautiful friend. Your design is very beautiful. I love it. Thank you very much for participating in this beautiful contest and for sharing this quality content. I wish you luck in the contest. Greetings...

10.04.2021 18:38

Thank you sist.. 🌺🌺❤️

10.04.2021 19:59

Very cool!! You did a great job on the design.

12.04.2021 15:33

Aaa ... Thank you 😊😊

12.04.2021 16:29