Contest winner announcement !! Share Kindness and see their smile.


Hello, everyone, steemian friends ...
On this occasion I would like to announce the results of a contest I held a week ago about sharing kindness. I'm a little sad, because only one person participated in this contest, even though I added some steems for the winners. The prizes in this contest I added 30 Steem for the winners but they seem less interested. No problem, I will have another contest and will increase the number of Steem as a prize.

The winner

1st Prize - 13 Steem



Proof of Steem has been sent to the winner
I say many thanks and congratulations to the winners of the contest. You are doing a favor by distributing food to them and it looks like they already smile Congratulations to the winner again !!

For the next contest I'll post it tomorrow

Comments 4

Thank you very much also @lidiasteem

21.04.2021 16:40

Please @lidiasteem when are you posting the next contest?

23.04.2021 21:57

as soon as possible i will post

24.04.2021 12:21

Alright thanks @lidasteem. Looking forward to participate in the next one.

24.04.2021 12:32