Contest Share Your Kindness and See Their Smile

Hello Walkwithme friends ...
I am very happy that the community is starting to grow and I am excited to hold a contest so that other Steemians can be excited about writing quality posts and winning Steem prizes. As for the contest that I held last Sunday I have announced the winners and I congratulate the winners.

Next contest


The topic of the contest I'm holding this week is "Share Kindness and See Their Smile".
Why did I choose this topic?
The reason is that in this holy month, it would be nice for us to do a little good by helping or giving a little of our sustenance to people in need.
Whatever kindness you can do, even if it's a little thing, it means something to them. I want to invite you to do a little good and you have the opportunity to get Steem.

Prizes that will be won 30 Steem

1st Prize - 13 Steem
2nd Prize - 10 Steem
3rd Prize - 7 Steem

The rules

  1. Posts must be in the Walkwithme community.
  2. More than 150 words and describe the acts of kindness you did.
  3. At least 5 photos and must be original.
  4. Resteem this post so more people will know.
  5. Mention me in your posts so I can easily see.
  6. Post your link in the comments.
    6.Use the first tag #Walkwithme , #share-kindness and your country (ex. Indonesia).

Contests are held from the publication of this post until the date 20 April 2021.

Hopefully with this contest we will be more enthusiastic to share and do good to fellow humans.I really salute the people who channel their hands to help fellow humans, especially recently I have seen many Steemians who are very generous in helping other Steemian even in building a habitable place to live. Hopefully this will be an inspiration for all of us to continue to do kindness

A big thank you to steemcurator01 and 02 who always supports the Steemians on this platform.

Comments 5

14.04.2021 17:06

Gran oportunidad para que podamos retribuir un poco de los que tenemos, valorar y agradecer de las bendiciones en nuestras vidas.

15.04.2021 11:16

de verdad ... 😉

15.04.2021 12:12

Love this initiative. I will participate on this one.

21.04.2021 02:13