Announcement !! Enter the Contest Walkwithme and Win Steem



Hello Steemian Friends ....

I think there are currently a lot of newcomers to this Steemit Platform and some are trying hard to get steem by writing beautiful and quality posts.
Now, for Steemians who want to get Steem, there is a good opportunity not to be missed, namely by joining this simple contest.

What is the Topic of the Contest?

I want you to take me on a walk, see what you see around you. Examples like this: you can post about a trip, or walk out and show the beauty of the place where you live, go around seeing the city where you live, or even take me to follow your daily activities. Whatever it is😉 ..

The rules

  • Posts must be in the Walkwithme community
  • More than 150 words
  • Must be at least 6 images
  • No plagiarism
  • I accept in any language
  • Use the tag #walkwithme and #contest and your country of origin (ex Indonesia)
  • Put your post link under the comments of this post

    The prize

    • 1st place - 8 Steem
  • 2nd place - 6 Steem
  • 3rd place - 4 Steem
The contest lasts 1 Week, Start From 6 April to April 13, 2021

I would like thank you very much for the support from @steemcurator01 and also @steemcurator02.

Don't you miss it!!! I hope you will be the winner


Good uck 😁

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Good job

06.04.2021 00:09

It's honestly! Both new steemians and old steemians on this platform really need various forms of Contests like this, for development and motivation to always actively write and contribute various ideas around the world. This is one of our hopes to work and get results for our strength. We are grateful for your hard work and the team with the #walkwithme Blog on the Steemit platform.

06.04.2021 03:39

Yes, that is very true. . Sometimes I see many newcomers who are still confused about how to grow ideas for writing quality and interesting posts. And the purpose I held contest so that they can be inspired and enthusiastic in writing posts ..

06.04.2021 07:50

Insyaallah ! I will take part in this interesting contest ...

06.04.2021 08:11

Good Luck.....😊😊

06.04.2021 08:21

Huhh... this is a great opportunity.

06.04.2021 07:28

Thank you @dsatria

06.04.2021 07:50

Happy to join the community. I will soon make my entry

06.04.2021 10:03

sounds good ... Can't wait !!!

06.04.2021 10:41
06.04.2021 10:58

Do I need to upload my photo?

06.04.2021 16:40

What a nice contest !

If you provide some prices on this contest, it's better to enlarge the prices to get an extra motivation from the contest taker..

08.04.2021 11:02

Good idea, maybe in the next contest I will increase it ... Thank you 😉

08.04.2021 12:11

Hola @lidiasteem por aca dejo MI PARTICIPACIÓN me encanto caminar con ustedes. Saludos!!

08.04.2021 20:41