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Levana Mini Games- Arach Attack

Hello, dear Steemians

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Gaming On The Blockchain

Today I just wanna share quick my newest game which I play on Terra.
These are the mini games and you could get token and nfts for participation.
For wining you will have to master 24 Levels and kill all spiders while bringing the guardian home.
Atm I am at Level 23 and decided to take a break to write this post.

Leverage Trading And NFTs

This is not a game for eveyrbody.

It is a game for Levana Meteor Shower participants and dragon breaders.
Levana Finance does mix nft and leverage trading.
In my opinion that is Blue Chip stuff especially with their customizable dragon babys.

Here you can check out their litepaper:

If you want to lnow what happens here tomorrow then you should

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