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Awesome Lifestyle On The Steem Blockchain " Parkstrom- EWT and the Green Deal "

Hello, dear Steemians


E Madness

Today I show you 2 electric car charger boxes.
These are professional boxes for street use but nothing for a small house.
For small whale boxes, there was a subsidy of just under 1000 euros from the state. This has now expired or the contingent of the planned economy has been used up.
The charging prices at the charging stations are soon to be raised significantly.
In Hamburg, for example, 49.9 cents per charged kilowatt hour will be charged from May.
Compared to the current price of petrol, this is still cheaper per 100 km for many electric cars.

I am not a fan of electric cars.
The range is too narrow for me.
I find e-bikes quite cool, although I am a cyclist myself.


Another small crypto hint: Maybe a good time to familiarise yourself with Energy Web Token.
This will later make such payment processes for e-cars automatic, for example.
EWT could get really huge in the whole Green Deal Stuff all around the world.
With around 6.5 US Dolar it looks liek a nice entry point to me and EWT is for sure, one to Dollar Cost Average into, on the long run.
Do always your own research and you should find a lot of stuff on You Tube.

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