The Epstein Affair summarized in 1 article, 1 video, and 1 word: Mossad


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A lot of ink has been dripped over the past few weeks regarding the Epstein Affair. As tons of information come out, it becomes harder to put a lot of the pieces of this pedophile puzzle together.

But 1 article and 1 video in particular have, at least in my view and overall assessment of this affair, summarized things rather succinctly with the most salient, irrefutable, facts that speak volumes.

The Article

The Video

From these, we can logically infer that Mossad, the clandestine Israeli Intelligence/Spying/Covert Operations Agency has its fingerprints all over the Epstein Brownstoning Operation.

Of course, it is impossible to completely be sure of this. But given the fact that Mossad agents and operations are extremely well planned and covertly executed (as they have been doing for decades), it would certainly not be surprising to say the least.

Their connection to the tragic events that occurred on 9/11 are still largely in question, even though the mainstream media refuses to investigate any of the matter as it pertains to Israeli involvement.

Moreover, the Israeli Lobby in the United States is extremely strong given the near complete subservience of the majority of traitorous members of Congress who almost always vote in favor of any pro-Israeli policy - especially ones related to war efforts in the Middle East which support their cause of the Greater Israel Plan.

As Epstein has been refused bail and this case is now set to go to trial, expect a lot more leaks to come out. This can prove not only damaging for the usual suspects - Slick Willy Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Ehud Barak (former Prime Minister of Israel), et al. - but also for Mossad and the state of Israel as well.

So before this happens, I wouldn't surprise me in the least bit if Epstein ends up arkancided (i.e., suicided) in his jail cell (upon the orders of Mossad) in the very near future.

We'll see what happens.

Time to make some popcorn.

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20.07.2019 14:18

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20.07.2019 18:43

Dear @libertyacademy

Lately you've wrote a comment:
"It's just that my life is really leaving me with little free time to finish my Steemit articles"

I just had a chance to read it now. Is your health okey? I was wondering what did you mean by that.


26.07.2019 08:02

Hi @crypto.piotr! Glad to hear from you! Thank you for your concern. That is really kind of you. I really just meant to say that I am super busy. I will reply your 2 other messages in the other threads...

26.07.2019 14:29

Busy can be good and fun or can be awful and boring ...

Which "busy" are you @? :)

29.07.2019 09:09

A treasure trove of related information for the Mossad-Epstein operation can be found at:

While I have some reservations about the work of the former intelligence officer - Robert David Steele - that presents this trove (and much other work), a lot of it is verifiable and factual.

His latest interview (on the X22 Report Spotlight) entitled Arrests Must Be Made Before The Election, They Have To:Robert David Steele can be viewed here:

28.07.2019 00:54

Oh, and the mainstream media is practically dead silent on Epstein's partner-in -crime (or, arguably, his Mossad handler) - Ghislaine Maxwell (daughter of former Mossad operative Robert Maxwell).

But, thankfully, RT has delved into the madame's misdoings:

While it is not that surprising to me that the Zionist controlled MSM in the United States is avoiding mentioning her during their coverage of the Epstein Affair, it does surprise me that the US authorities don't seem to be going after her much. Why is this? Where is she? How can she not be charged with crimes related to the abuses of the victims?

It is not difficult to ascertain that she has been highly complicit in many crimes committed by Epstein.

It will be interesting to see how both the MSM and the US authorities go forward with her involvement in this sordid affair.

29.07.2019 04:33


Following my recent comment to @valued-customer where he listed 4 possibilities as to the death of Epstein, I just replied/added the following:

Nicely summed up by you with 4 possibilities:

  1. Suicide
  2. Assassination
  3. Escape
  4. Witness Protection

    1. Remember that I had stated:
    Oh, and it wouldn't surprise me at all that Epstein could still be alive. I mean, all we have are photos of him being with eyes closed on a gurney going into a hospital. Who is to say he wasn't still alive (and fine) and taken by Mossad to Israel or elsewhere? Think Osama Bin Laden...that operation was likely faked and his "corpse" was never independently verified by other parties. Same could easily be the case here, as it could have been an escape operation planned and carried out. But hey, nobody - including those in Alt media - are likely to bring this up, sadly.

    I may have been on to something with this statement. And I had stated that sadly nobody - including the Alt media - would bring this up; but I was wrong. Mike Adams from NaturalNews brought this up a couple of days ago:

    Alternate theory emerges: Was Jeffrey Epstein swapped out of his cell to prevent him from being murdered?.

    And, although you had stated for possibility #4 (Witness protection):

    Possible, but given the danger to the international order of the testimony and the undeniable lack of political will to prosecute royalty, heads of state, and other powerful individuals he was likely to be blackmailing, I have little confidence in this.

    I think Mike Adams could provide some legitimacy to this option.

    Without going too much into the details of his (admittedly speculative) article/proposition, some fishy shit just to stick. Namely that the guy pictured on the gurney does not appear to be Jeffrey Epstein.


    Zoomed at 200%:


    It's funny because the first time I saw this picture, my initial reaction/gut-feeling (albeit, somewhat subconscious) was that his hair looked odd/different/not right. Now, I am most sure of it.

    From the article you can see another photo which shows the nose and ear of Jeffrey Epstein compared to that of the body on the stretcher:


    Now, it becomes even more apparent that we are (at least moderately to highly) likely that this IS NOT THE SAME PERSON.

    Adams finishes the article with his own 3 possibilities:

    The obvious question at this point, then, is who would want to remove Jeffrey Epstein and keep him alive? There are really only two possibilities for this:

    Possibility #1) William Barr and President Trump ordered him moved to a safe location to secure his testimony and help bring down the deep state.

    Possibility #2) The deep state (Clintons) kidnapped him to torture him and kill him. But this explanation doesn’t make much sense because it’s much easier for them to just kill him in his own cell and be done with it. There’s no rational reason to remove him from his cell, only to kill him somewhere else.

    Thus, the only remaining explanation — if you believe he was swapped out with another body — is that the DOJ and Trump had him moved to secure his testimony. There’s also a “wildcard” theory that Epstein worked for Mossad, and that Mossad snuck into the jail cell and swapped him out, but that seems beyond far-fetched at this point. Even for conspiracy analysts.

    I agree with his #2; if it was the Clintons/Deep State they probably wouldn't not have bothered to switch the body, as this makes no sense. But there is still one possibility here (see below)

    Although there could be hope for #1 (he is in 'witness protection' and alive) I think is relatively unlikely (but possible), I think that his 3rd option - it's a Mossad op (which Adams options out) - is the most likely.

    If Epstein had a "kill switch" (similar to what Assange is said to have) which means in case of his death - real records would automatically be triggered revealing the big names. This could be a possibility with Epstein and either Mossad or Clinton/Deep State would want to make extra sure.

    One thing is for sure, though, with all this: It is the "murder" mystery of the 21st century!

    Any new thoughts? Something else I could be missing?

14.08.2019 13:01