PSA: Please power down

I have gotten a lot of shit over the years for advocating powering down. I was mostly powered up in early 2018. I had to wait till mid-2018 to see the power down roll out, while the price of STEEM crashed by 80%. In hindsight, given current prices, I still got a pretty decent deal, but it'll remain my greatest financial blunder. I'm just sharing my mistakes so you don't make the same. Few seem to listen, but anyway, I'm just trying to help. Please power down. This network is controlled by one person. This is worse than Facebook, at least Mark has the world's legal systems barreling down on him. Here, there's no accountability, your funds are NOT SAFU. You don't need to sell them, but at least keep them liquid and ready to go just in case shit hits the fan.

I'm not giving up on Steem just yet for the long term, but at this moment, please do the prudent thing and be safe.

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