Fêlures & Lumières

Another busy stretch but i think it's going to bring sweet fruit. I just curated a show with my group Dreams & Divinities for the 2019 Chance for Happiness fundraiser. A Chance for Happiness creates awareness, support and solution around the issue of suicide.

The Show is called Fêlures et Lumières - That's how the light gets in...

felures pr small poster.jpg
poster image by Madeline von Foerster

As the 13th century Persian mystic, Rumi said:
“The wound is where the light gets in.”

These cracks and light are represented by thirty-one international artists from the shadowy drawings of film director-artist Marc Caro (City of Lost Children, Delicatessen ...)


to the joyful three-meter-tall kinetic metal butterfly of artist Patrice Hubert.

Patrice Hubert.jpg

Styles are eclectic but the message is unified: Love will guide and heal us.

For a little more eye candy:

Gorgeous tripych by Martina Hoffmann
Martina hoffmann.jpeg

one of many small delices from Delphyne V

from our fellow steemer @gric Peter Gric's Souless Warrior
peter gric.jpg

Dreamy piece by Alain Margotton

Dogon's navigating the Apocalypse...by Yasmine Weiss
Yasmine Weiss - D+8 (Apparition) 300dpi web.jpg

Some shamanistic energy from Julia Pandit.
Julia pandit.jpg

A Discussion by Paul Toupet
paul toupet.jpg

My Magician
The MAgician WEB_LibaWS.jpg

and many others which you can see in the online catalogue.

For the finissage we will have the magical Didier Malherbe perform

lundi/Monday 2 December 13:00 - 18:00

Opening reception / Vernissage
lundi/Monday 2 December 19:00 - 22:00

Samedi/Saturday 7 December 18:00 - 21:00

Atelier Gustave
36 rue Boissonade
75014 Paris

Exhibit hours:
mardi-samedi /Tuesday - Saturday 13:00 - 18:00

Curated by Liba WS-Dreams & Divinities
Curator contact: libaws@gmail.com
WhatsApp and phone: +33(0)6 22 51 57 46

The event is supported by
Hey! Modern art and pop culture and The Naia useum.

Thanks for reading and please come by. The show is Free! :D


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That is a great lineup of artists, the metal butterfly is super cool and I love your magician :)
@tipu curate

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thanks!! :)

20.12.2019 11:48

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