What I have learned lately on steemit by@liamnov



*Have a blessed day to each and everyone in the Steemit world particularly in the #promosteem community. Today I'm happy to participate in this contest which is organized by @mcsamm. This will help to educate all newbies and also guide all the Steemians in the steemit journey.

*Even though I'm not a newbie but I'm still learning here in steemit. Making an achievement task by @cryptokannon was helping us to know more about steemit.  Learning steemworld.org is new to me here in steemit. I know that there is curation in all our content posts.  Learning that the all-time rewards in steemit were stored in steemworld.org so it's amazig.

*I still in the learning process of the Steem Tools in steemit. I finish my achievement task on steemworld.org but I need to proceed to Steemscan.com, Steemyy.com, and Steemdb.io then I need to learn this task so that I will be familiar with the Steem Tools function hern steemit.

*One thing that most community common advise to all content creators is that never mention the name of steemcurators and booming account in your post. But I saw in some posts that a few of them did not follow the instructions. But before most of us mentioning them because we are thinking that they will give some votes for ountent.

*The best thing I learned is that I will not count what I brought about in helping other people and friends to join in steemit. I'm lucky that I gained knowledge by reading some steemit user posts and share my knowledge with all newbies I brought on steemit. I never stop teaching them until they already familiarize with all guidelines and techniques on how to succeed in steemdiv>


I never say that I'm now successful in my journey but learning day by day will much encourage me to make more creative content that I can share with everyone. Even my post will earn $0.001 I never give up but I always put in my mind that someday the curators in steemit will recognize my effort and will take a glimpse of my content. Because if you will give up on the low votes you earn, it means you stop reaching your future. A future that will lead you to a successful writer and a future investor in the steemit pm.

I also learn that there is no perfect here in steemit, but we can always be done better but we need to set our goal to always be progressive.  Never blame others for the poor results because we must take the responsibility for our success. If we are not doing well so it means that we need to change and we need to understand some aspects. We are required to work on ourselves and make our learnings.

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But therBut there are some is not so active but still, I convincing them to work in steemitne99

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never blaming people for the results here on steemit is keen. Few people understand this as part of the blockchain philosophy. Wishing you the very best in this dear.

27.05.2021 16:21

Thank you @mcsamm

27.05.2021 19:08

I never give up but I always put in my mind that someday the curators in steemit will recognize my effort and will take a glimpse of my content.

I really love your '' never give up'' attitude, that's one thing about Steemit, it will surely reward you if you are consistent... keep the fire burning and encourage the newbies as well. well done

27.05.2021 18:01

Thank you @collinz

27.05.2021 19:14

Congratulations...!!! You Got Upvote
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28.05.2021 18:40

Thank you for the word of encouragement of not giving up on steemit, because am almost giving for lack of votes. Thank you, I will keep trying.

31.05.2021 16:29