Is time management really useful for getting your work done?

Is time management useful in getting your work done ... Do you do the tasks required to be accomplished at the times you set within your schedule?

Perhaps this question revolves in your mind - in the same form, or in a different form - when you find yourself many times not accomplishing all the tasks that you set for yourself ... or when you find that the period of time that you set ended without accomplishing all the goal that you wanted to achieve.

I like you this person.

We are human beings, each of us has his own circumstances, the emergency events that surprise him, and those occasions and meetings that may appear suddenly, and then you see that you have not achieved part of - or all - of the tasks that you have set for this day, and this in turn means delay in achieving your goal, and what happens after That is the feeling of despair and frustration .. In this case, I invite you to read the book (Managing Priorities) by Stephen Covey, which will completely change your perception towards time, towards yourself, and towards your goals.

... But no matter how surprising circumstances or setbacks happen to you, do not give up time management and assignment.

Time management (or managing priorities) is not only useful in accomplishing tasks and achieving goals, but rather is useful in your success in the work as a whole, as time management teaches you another important thing, which is following up, following yourself where you are and where you are now and where you are heading, and whether Are you walking in the right way towards your goal or you need to adjust your path

And the fact that we do not accomplish some of our goals on time is because we are human beings. This is normal for all people ... and even in companies.

Big companies set a specific period of time to implement a product, and sometimes the specified time ends without the product being completed in the required manner, but this does not prevent them from implementing and completing their project, and perhaps sometimes and after all this time and effort, they discover that their goal - the product, sale and profit - It was wrong, so they modify their product, or leave it altogether and start making a new product.


If you have a goal that you want to achieve within a certain period of time, and you did not achieve it, then cutting the half way is better than not having walked one step, and even if you discover that the goal was wrong, you have at least acquired the habit of commitment, discipline and achieving goals, so do not despair and get up Identify another goal that fits your vision and mission, and plan and implement it.


So, now ... are you setting up a daily schedule to carry out your tasks?

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