How do you stop comparing yourself with successful people in your field?

Before you guided me a long encounter with my friend, is a well-known content maker, but what people do not know about it is that their arrival was not so easy, especially in her war with herself to stop comparisons.

During our conversation, my girlfriend has recognized that it was not satisfied with any content based in its industry, and they did not stop comparing what was made with the rest of the content makers, which was imposed on the progress of forward.

It adds that the impact of negative comparisons was so clear that they chose to stop the content industry for 06 months, and during this period preferred several mental transformations, if no one had advised it before entering the world of content industry. What are these mental transformations that helped them stop the poisonous effect?

The first changes, the attempt to exploit the observation of competitors in its studies and analyzes their strategies in attracting the public, instead of wasting time in their control jealous.


The second step was to stop following many people in the same area, so as to avoid comparison and feeling frustrated from their success and only the focus on a few people who can be inspired.

Then I worked focusing on developing one of its skills only instead of wasting its effort in learning many tradition skills for the rest of the competitors and without making any skill, and this option says my girlfriend is more clear.

Finally and maybe the most important point, try to absorb that those who make themselves compare them are people who are overwhelmingly experienced in many years, so specifically they must use their content to stimulate and not frustration.

Thinking this way would shorten months of despair and lost time on those who plunge themselves on the downside of the comparison.

Have you ever fallen into a comparison trap with others? And how you turned it into your favor?

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