A great project idea without capital or a modest project idea with suitable capital?

Every business begins with an idea, whether the idea is a new product or service that you can provide, inspiration may be the beginning, but building a successful business is more than just an idea and a vision, the business may require capital, when we talk about a product or service that you need Already for a capital.

While there are many simple project ideas that do not require capital, decorating wedding cars may be one of these ideas, for example, so should I start with ideas like these for a project with appropriate capital?


Looking at the issue on the other hand, very good ideas may need more capital in order to start my own business, so when we talk about a restaurant or coffee shop project; Capital may be the most powerful factor in the success of projects of this kind, so should I resort to borrowing from banks to provide capital?

In any case, not all entrepreneurs possess the capabilities and capabilities of people who have been able to achieve successes without the need for capital, or circumstances may be different, and on the other hand, capital may be the obstacle to those who aspire to launch a commercial project.

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If you put nothing in, you'll get nothing out.
In some cases, you may contribute with personal work, ideas, etc., instead of money.
I've had personal experience with a website named Quirky, where the ideas of prospective inventors and other people are evaluated, possibly go into production, and hopefully make money for all the people involved.
You can read my review here: https://vocal.media/lifehack/get-paid-to-invent-on-quirky-com-a-review

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