Ugly Sweaters | Advent Drawing Challenge 2019


The prompt "ugly sweaters", in the #adventchallenge2019 hosted by @theithei, made me think of that moment in Bridget Jones' Diary (movie) where she first meets Mark Darcy, and he is wearing a typical ugly Christmas sweater.

So, here's my illustration of the character, portrayed by Colin Firth, as I imagine Bridget seeing him across the room at the Christmas party. I enjoyed experimenting with dappled light effects, as though it were a late afternoon sunlight filtered through a window with trees outside.

Credit: I used a still from the movie as a reference.

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19.12.2019 09:46

I had to look for Colin Firth and easily found the reference photo. Wow your art as always is better. The ugly sweater is spot on and oh boy the light effect is fantastic made me thinking how can I learn to do that. Thanks for taking part in this challenge @leysa it is a pleasure seeing your beautiful interpretation

21.12.2019 15:43

Thanks for letting me take part sporadically, I have been unable to continue every single day unfortunately but I do love challenges!

22.12.2019 03:10

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26.12.2019 09:36