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It seems as though we have an experimental platform running on Steemit for creating communities, and since the most active, most interesting community – in a cultural sense – I've had the pleasure of interacting with on the platform is the role-playing game community, I thought it was a good idea to go ahead, get ahead of the curve, and put one together.

Of course, the drawback of the way the current system is architected is that there is no easy way to determine if a community already exists which satisfies needs.

I'm going to move forward on the basic assumption, "if you build it, they will come." Or they won't, in which case I've blown 3 STEEM for no good end.

Honestly, not the worst expenditure of a cryptocommodity I've ever made.

So now the community exists and is accessible by going to the beta interface, https://beta.steemit.com/trending/hive-194041 . I fully expect that URL to change significantly as things go, since the implicit Trending is just in the way and the URL without it resolves to nothing.

Unfortunately, I do not yet see an interface available through SteemPeak, but I have no doubt that they are putting together something at this very moment which will have a decent, integrated search system, check for name collisions (even if it let you proceed without caring, because it appears that every Community gets its own unique category number), and all the other goodies one associates with active Community systems.

In the meantime, let's play with what we have.

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I like this Idea and hope it takes off. I have been enjoying @happyme's small text based games for the past several months. I wake up see the mention, know that the post has been made and get to start my day trying to survive zombies.

I tried several of the other games, Splinterlands, Drug Wars, and Next Colony, those all have one thing in common, in that to have a chance you need to pay to play. So I look forward to some more text based games.

24.12.2019 19:27

I want to be clear, the intent of this community is not necessarily forum-based role-playing (though if it uses a system like or derived from a traditional tabletop game, that's certainly on the table as it were) and definitely not for talking about games like SplinterLands, Drug Wars, or Next Colony which aren't role-playing games at all.

What this is about is tabletop role-playing games, in the vein of Dungeons & Dragons, Alien the RPG, Lancer, even less traditional GM-less systems like Microscope, Eternal Contenders, or Happy Birthday, Robot! Even tabletop wargames with an RPG twist like 5150 at a stretch.

There are plenty of places talking about cryptocommodity-rooted games and the like. I don't want to get into that. If you want to talk about Actual Fucking Monsters or With Great Power, this is the place.

I'm actually not familiar with @happyme's forum games, so I do appreciate you pointing me out in that direction. If they involve a means of conflict resolution which is responsive to choices made by players, it very well could fall into our domain. If it is largely a shared writing exercise, that's not what we're talking about here.

No offense or frustration meant to you, but I want to get that in on the ground floor so that everybody's on the same page.

(Ideally, that sort of thing would be in the Community description on the main page, but that thing is tiny. You are restricted to a very small text field for both the name and the description – which is probably a bit of a problem. I might have to go create a special webpage to talk about Tabletop Roleplaying as a Community and what the intent is. That'll have to be off-site, but it shouldn't be hard.)

24.12.2019 19:59

It turns out there were a few more settings that could be put on the Community tucked away under a very small "Edit" feature on the site, so now we have a proper Description and a few rules.

Not a lot of rules because I am very lazy.

24.12.2019 20:16

I will have to continue to follow and see what develops, it has been a very long time since table-top dungeons and dragons, and with the advent of computer gaming I have just never gotten back around to that sort of gaming. Still I will keep watch.

24.12.2019 20:20

Fair warning, I tend not to talk about the very traditional RPGs. I was an extremely traditional RPG GM for many, many years – to the point where I effectively just didn't want to do it anymore. Luckily for me, about that time there was a very small movement in the RPG design community into GM-less designs and that freed me up quite a lot and effectively save my interest in role-playing games as a whole.

It was a big deal. Especially for someone who had been published a few times in the field by some of the bigger names at the time.

Unfortunately for me, I have kind of slid out of role-playing in general even though I keep an iron in the fire over on the industry side of things. One of my plans for this next year is to get back into it and see what I can do in terms of getting more actual playtime. That alone might be one of the hardest things to do when it comes to role-playing games as an adult; you're not in school with the guys you hang out with and everybody has demands on their attention so it's hard to lay aside time and space to do something that takes a little bit of intellectual sweat.

The announcement of Communities in beta just happened to come along at the right time, so maybe this will give me a little more of an excuse and a push to put together work on a more frequent basis and talk about it in public. It would just be gravy if it provided the same excuse for other people with an interest.

24.12.2019 20:25

@tipu curate 2 :)

24.12.2019 21:07

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 10/20 - need recharge?)

24.12.2019 21:07

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