Operation BSU Live! - Trailer Trash 3: Rise of the Robot Tentacles! 2013 09 21

They say that 3rd time's the charm, but since none of this crew are into the concept of charm, we'll just have to get by on guts, glory, and a ruthless devotion to -- movie trailers. We watch movie trailers so you don't have to.

I mean, you can. We like it when you watch movie trailers. We like it when you watch the movie trailers we review so that you can understand what we're talking about. But it's not a necessary pre-existing condition. If you want to just watch Operation BSU Live, pick out the really good trailers, and then go back to watch them later, you absolutely can't. We endorse this behavior. We absolutely and without question endorse using us as your barometer to determine what's important in your life. We'll do that for you. That's what we like.

This week's selection of trailer is all over the map, just the way you like it. Dangerous men in dangerous places. Violent men probably biting off more than they can chew. Something in the shape of men biting and chewing. The overwhelming desire to chew on Jennifer Lawrence.

No, really. See:

* Riddick 3
* Prisoners
* Frankenstein's Army
* American Hustle

That is one fine selection of grade-A prime cut Trailer Trash.

As always, we are on 10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific, streaming both via Google+ Hangouts and YouTube. If you want to be on the show make sure that you are part of the Google+ Operation BSU Community, because the doors open to come into the show 15 minutes before go time, shared directly to the Community.

Operation BSU Trailer Trash, when it absolutely, positively, has to be there embedded in your brain like an earworm except it came in through your eye. And your ear.

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