BSU Live! Tribute to Neil Armstrong, Dragon*Con Approaches and Trailer Trash!

Bringing you the finest live Saturday night temple of insanity, BSU is going live tonight after an eventful week for the bulk of the crew. In Spackle Time, we'll give a brief nod to today's sad news about Neil Armstrong and give a quick rundown of his accomplishments, if you've been living in a hole for a few decades. Or if you like bananas. We also note the new Guild Wars 2 BSU guild and run down the new Castle Story Kickstarter reward. Dragon*Con got a serious plug since we'll be there all week long and that might make the timing on next week's show more than a little ... weird.

On the moooooooooooooooooon!

We're getting ready for almost a month of convention time, starting with Dragon*Con. You want to know why to go? Other than the fact you can have dinner with us, like a boss, you need more reasons? We can probably come up with some.

Mike and David saw to our See to It nightmares, trying several products live on the air for us:

* Lavender DRY Soda
* Aeroshots
* Cicha Morada (Purple Corn Drink)

Only two of these things were not horrific. Guess! Or watch!

Trailer Trash has some real keepers. As always, we want you to check out the Trailer Trash playlist before the show so you can put in your two cents along with us. Hell, your opinion is at least as valid as any of ours.

Tonight's list:

* The Revenant
* Berberian Sound Studio
* House At the End of the Street
* Assassin's Bullet
* The Last of Us

This Event is Public, so be sure to pass it along to your friends, Circle +Operation BSU on Google+, and watch for us to open the public doors to the Hangout 20min before show time to get started recording at 10pm Eastern on Saturday nights.

Operation BSU. Like a morning television show. Only interesting. And at night.

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