cant Even tell it’s not designer!

In an attempt to hold on to every last bit of summer I can... I was in the mood for some tie-dye, however, with twins I really wasn’t planning on getting to the store nor was I planning on spending any money on it. So I decided to look at what I had on hand. Sure, I could use some of my acrylic paints and achieve color but those take longer to set, and wasn’t even sure if it work honestly... plus, I’m more of a “right now” type a of impulsive person... so I went with bleach-dying instead. The results are much more instant, and ended up looking just as designer as Juicy Couture ! In fact, I think one of my items was juicy couture ❗️The point is ... before you spend money on what’s considered “high fashion” save yourself a buck and diy whenever possible. “Distressed” is in so if you’re not going to do it to your old clothes the big wigs will... and then they’ll sell it back to you! 97AA877E-62E0-45D0-80C5-463034849063.jpeg

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