Steemit Crypto Academy Week 6 || An Analysis of ECOMI

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ECOMI is a Singapore-based tech company that is taking the lead in the developing digital collector's market. Via the VeVe app, ECOMI provides a one-stop destination for virtual collectibles, taking the entertainment industry and culture into the twenty-first century.

The VeVe app gives consumers the feeling of actual possession over luxury digital memorabilia. Users may purchase common, unique, digital collectibles via the application store, distribute them through the mobile social network, and trade them with the VeVe group, mainly from the touch of their hands.

According to ECOMI, virtual collectibles are a significant commodity class that provides creative content with new income streams throughout the digital world. Digital entertainment, games, and in-app buying have evolved into multimillion-dollar industries, and the popular culture and memorabilia sector is the newest to enter this digital revolution.


ECOMI produced VeVe, a cryptocurrency digital collector's network. The website demands and hires a token for you to be allowed to possess a digital limited edition and communicate with other people.
This coin is known as OMI.


When you purchase, trade, or sell digital collectibles on the website, OMI coin is being used as the means of exchange. It maintains an electronic record of your ownership- so you can know what you're purchasing is genuine and legal.
As a coin structure and market, there seem to be various fundamental token measurements and information to be mindful of to consider the environment as a whole.

● Information and Metrics for the OMI Token
● Complete supply: 750 billion dollars OMG
● The symbol for the ticker: OMG
● GO20 is a kind of token (GoChain)

OMI is known as a service token. That is, it was produced with the goal of being traded for digital memorabilia on the VeVe website.

The OMI is being offered.

The OMI token was offered in a personal round as well as to the public in a current exchange offer on the Bitforex market in order to collect funds and begin developing VeVe.
The increase had a hard limit of 1400 BTC, and the OMI coin was valued at 1 Satoshi at all times. There have been no concessions or lockups for personal or pre-sale holders, as there were no vesting or lockups on such tokens.

During the transactions, 20% of the overall token stock, or 1.5 trillion OMI tokens, is made available. OMI worth 50 BTC was offered in the general sale, which was conducted in 2019 and purchased out in less than 12 hours. BTC was worth about $6–7000 USD at just the period of the sales.

Contract Code for OMI Token

The OMI is a kind of GO20 coin. That is, it is based mainly on the GoChain network.
Depending on your wallet, you need to install GoChain as a customized channel and ensure stability so you can access and hold the OMI coin.

The ECOMI Safe Wallet, our own exclusive secure storage wallet, is the best place to put your OMI tokens. Please see this post for more detail on how or where you might place your OMI tokens:
Adress of the contract: 0x5347FDeA6AA4d7770B31734408Da6d34a8a07BdF
Decimals: 18
Since you will have some Ether to buy gas on the Ethereum platform, you might need some GO coins to be used as gas while sending your OMI coins from your private wallets.

Analysis on ECOMI


ECOMI's goal is to develop the best network globally to buy, preserve, and collect luxury approved digital collectibles utilizing Blockchain Technology. The ECOMI environment is made up of three main components:

  • Safe Wallet: This genuine cold storage wallet is never linked to an online computer and can hold over 700 cryptocurrencies and tokens used for digital collectibles.
    • The ECOMI ecosystem's MVP, application software for bringing certified and instantly recognizable digital memorabilia to the mainstream.
  • ECOMI Mobile Wallet: The ECOMI Collect digital wallet, built with the fantastic Secure Wallet technology, is equipped to store only NFTs.
    The possibilities of ECOMI and OMI coins are limitless in the new era of pop culture. Thus, the token might be the best investment you can purchase right now.

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