Steemit password recovery

我注册Steemit的时间在2017年,那会大量个人博主离开网络,我偶然从一个博主哪里了解到Steemit,说他要去Steemit了,我从搜索引擎多方了解后,注册并发表了一篇 hello steemit,有点编程界 hello World 的意思,后来把秘钥写在了笔记本上,就从入门到关门了。


谷歌翻译(Google Translate)

I registered for Steemit in 2017. A large number of individual bloggers left the Internet. I accidentally learned about Steemit from a blogger and said that he was going to Steemit. After learning about it from search engines, I registered and published an article. Hello steemit, a bit of the meaning of hello world in the programming world, and then wrote the secret key in the notebook, from entry to closing.

Yesterday, I heard from my colleague that he bought Steem. I suddenly remembered that I still have an account. I finally found and typed the password during the weekend. Haha: I'm back again.


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