If you have visited any Buddhist or Hindu temples then you can see lot of diyo batti glowing, in English called as traditional oil lamp. This is a popular religious practices in Hindu temples of India and Nepal.

The best moment of my life is seeing these diyo battis glowing during one of our main festival called Tihar. It is known as the festival of light. And when I would go to my rooftop at evening to see the beauty, there's diyo glowing in almost everyone's home except Christian, who have a psycho mind that they go for strike against banning Hindu festival haha.


Diyo is not just used in Tihar only. It is used almost everyday as a part of evening prayer. Many people also do it for morning prayer. What I liked most about the glowing diyo is that nowadays they are not just used for religious purposes only. Whenever some legendary people die, we and our society club members will gather during the night and pay respect to the deceased soul by lighting many diyo batti. When new constitution came in Nepal in 2015,we celebrated it by lighting candles and diyo on the street and home. So from my part, I can say that diyo signifies love, peace, beauty and happiness.

Don't ask me how it signifies love now. You must have watched Kamasutra, especially Indian Kamasutra, where they have so many glowing diyo while having romantic s*x.

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They look beautiful!

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