Life is not very stimulating when there's absence of milk tea whether I drink it early in the morning, afternoon, evening or even during my sleeping time. I am the craziest person when it comes to tea. Whether I got gastric, persistent headache, depression/stress, happy, sad, angry or wounded, I won't stop drinking tea. I love milk more than the black tea. Tea is called "Chiya" in Nepali and "Chaye" in Indian. Indians are the craziest one when it comes to tea and alcohol.


Here I am not talking about just a simple tea. I mean spicy tea. It has a great flavour and is prepared by adding grinded mixture of ginger, white cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, peppercon to the boiled milk along with tea leaves. Then it is filtrated into the cup or glass leaving aside the residues which is only tea leaves. It gives a great sweetening flavor. Basically my favorite one is milk tea mixed with cardamom powder. It gives your mouth a very good breath even after drinking.


Milk is served in fancy cups and glasses in medium to expensive level restaurants and hotels. But the one sold in the street is the great. It costs only 0.15$ for a cup whereas in restaurants it costs 0.45$-0.6$.

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22.05.2020 06:56

in a lot of Arab countries they make this tea with condensed milk, .. which makes it even thicker and creamier, .. you can only drink so much though, .. really sweet too.

25.05.2020 16:57