Freewrite: Tentacle [ENG/ESP]


In a cabin located on the outskirts of a city, there was a 20-year-old young man with a gun in his right hand and a piece of dry bread in his left. As he nervously nibbled on the bread, he paranoidly watched the windows of the cabin being sealed shut. His constant vigilance indicated the great pressure caused by the enemy that stalked him.

The minutes passed and the young man had finished eating his bread, however, now that he had nothing to do, he could clearly hear the "ticking" of the clock placed on a small table. He knew that this tentacled monster was not far away, but, he could not run away. His ankle was sprained and the only consolation was that his uncle had gone to the nearest fortified city for help.

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En una cabaña ubicada a las afueras de una ciudad, se encontraba un joven de 20 años con una pistola en la mano derecha y un pan seco en la izquierda. Mientras mordisqueaba nerviosamente el pan, observaba de forma paranoica las ventanas de la cabaña que se mantenían selladas. Su constante vigilancia denotaba la gran presión causada por el enemigo que le acechaba.

Los minutos pasaban y el joven había terminado de comer su pan, sin embargo, ahora que no tenía nada por hacer, podía escuchar claramente el “tic tac” del reloj colocado en una pequeña mesa. Él sabía que ese monstruo con tentáculos no estaba lejos, pero, no podía huir. Su tobillo tenía un esguince y el único consuelo, era que su tío había ido en busca de ayuda a la ciudad fortificada más cercana.

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Let'hope his uncle will be back in time.

You intend to join NaNoWriMo with the free writers?

23.10.2020 14:35

I already have the account. I'm waiting because @mariannewest told me that he would make a post about writing the book. I don't know if there is a special guideline to follow or something like that.

If you get any information about it, please let me know.

24.10.2020 06:07

If you submit to you can write whatever you like. You fill out at the site how many words you wrote. There's a counter. There's no problem to add the words later. I do because of my connection.

Marianne will give a daily prompt just like now. You can post what you wrote here or just a part of it. It's not really different only NaNoWriMo is about 50,000 words.

I try to join too. Might be hard on a smartphone but it's possible. I hope to read you. 🍀💕

25.10.2020 16:38

Oh, great. Then I'll try to write down a lot of things before I go while slowly preparing the original idea I'd like to write. Tell me, will you write a novel?

26.10.2020 09:17

I just started writing. I stick to the freewrite style which means I just write and do not plan in advance. While writing I will build the story and it looks like it will be a kind of tale again. I am happy with it because I love (fairy) tales. I will write those 5K words.

Luck to you. 👍🍀

31.10.2020 19:15

I encourage you my friend, I hope that these limitations do not stop you, and me neither. I'm sure we can write something interesting. By the way, what is your pseudonym in nanowrime (I have the same one)

01.11.2020 08:48

I will use wakeupkitty I believe it is the name I signed up with once. The account is still there.

I write I just don't know when I can sign in. Good luck with your story.

02.11.2020 04:52