Inexpensive Sales and Marketing Strategies for Students

It is not uncommon today for university students to already have their own companies. Still others may not have a company yet, but they do sell products to make extra money. Solid knowledge of low-cost sales techniques can only be beneficial for a young entrepreneur. Match your product with the most helpful of the following inexpensive marketing techniques:


Graphics are a powerful way to grab the audience's interest. It has been proven that people pay far more attention to them then they do to most other types of content on the Internet. This is likely because the graphics represent a different-looking type of content that people don't see everyday. Graphics are also intriguing because they are highly visual by their nature and they are inexpensive to source.

Website With Regularly Updated Blog

A website with a regularly updated blog is one of the most inexpensive ways to obtain sales of your product or service. In fact, having a website is now expected as a form of professionalism. It is powerful because it is working for your business twenty-four hours a day. It is important to keep a regularly-updated blog. Blog posts can easily be written by the small business owner and posted at regular intervals.

SMS Texting

SMS texts are a useful sales and marketing strategy because they are very low-cost to send out. The customers must agree to receive the texts and once they do, they can get messages from you very quickly. People like to receive texts, and they can seem more fun than most other types of advertising. Customers can be informed about a sale quickly. SMS texts would be perfect advertising in the case of a weekend-only "flash sale," for instance.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media seems to come naturally to many young business owners today. However, communicating effective marketing messages can take some practice. Social media is useful as an inexpensive marketing strategy as most social media platforms are free to use. When I read this article I was reminded of the importance of building a community on the primary social media platforms.

Give Out No-Charge Consultations

Have you ever thought about giving out free advice in your area of specialization? Free consultations are an effective way for prospects to get to know you and your style. Consultations provide an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise for the benefit of the prospective customer. They will appreciate it and will likely think of you for their hiring needs in the future.

Create an Innovative Solution

What causes people to buy goods and services? Prospects become customers to those who they believe can solve their problems effectively. One way of grabbing the attention of prospective customers is to take a hard problem in your industry and solve it in a new way. Demonstrate your novel solution, and there will be many eyes on you and your business.

Give Away Promotional Products

Business owners can often source products at wholesale prices. Occasionally, items can even be created or obtained even more inexpensively than that. Giving away promotional products is a powerful method of generating goodwill for a company. Customers are likely to look favorably on your brand if they have gotten something free.

It is not necessary for sales and marketing strategies to "break and bank." In fact, there are a number of viable, inexpensive techniques that may yield impressive results. Some of these include using graphics, SMS texting and giving away promotional products. Simply select a method, use it consistently and track the results over time to boost product sales and bottom line.

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