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   There are great encounters for the mankind in colonizing Mars; when the survival of a specie arises, resources are the utmost substantial thing, while colonizing Mars the resources that beings will need will be elements (water is one of the most vital) as well as physical and geological subjects and perils.

Image Credit Spacex Link

   There are various questions that ascend when thinking on annexation of other planets in outer space. Here I put some as well as my thoughts on them:

How is Mars, how would I define it?

   It is a sterile land, not a solitary specie sign, but what would 'we' have with it. why do we want this? We might be able to make it hollow like earth. just kidding but you can't turn your face from the realism. that's an obvious thing. Intergalactic law is to decontaminate all the rovers and the other ships we took with us but you can't exterminate a specie and that will unequivocally affect the Red Planet.
the atmosphere consists mainly of has water, we can use that water.

What is the best way to stablish a human colony?

   If we can consume the water that's present in the planet, we could nurture some plants there, trees require carbon dioxide, they will intake it, Mars is full of carbon dioxide. Maybe we could form a Forest, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will decline then there will be more oxygen and it could become a breathable atmosphere.

   when establishing the colony an entire race or entire specie on another inapt place the necessities come first. There has been discovered water on the Martian surface, just two or three feet below our little foot. Water is the first notion for every living thing and we believe it as the key concept of life, the latest data from the Mars orbiters and rovers we have been shown gives us all evidence.

“You wouldn’t need a backhoe to dig [it] up. You could use a shovel,” mentioned Sylvain Piqueux from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California.

   Look if there is ought to be water then there is a hope! the hope is the plants that we can cultivate (plants like Earth plant) If I had a plant on Mars its name would have been “echiostra” I made it, like the plant's name the thoughts about are also strong. we are having excess amount of carbon dioxide there and we might be able to do some discoveries on the particular gas or find ways to completely devour it in major complications that we are fronting today on our earth (home).

   as the amount of CO2 shrinks and there is further Oxygen then there might be prospect of living on the planet.

   here are the most overwhelming things, we got the rotation of the little Red planet as follows 1d 0h 37m and the revolution __1.88 Earth years, or once every 686.93 Earth days due to the orbital speed of the planet that is 86,871 km/h or 53,979 m/ph.

Is it ethical to establish a human settlement in Mars?

   I don't really want You want to hurt someone? I think so, they shouldn't build one for the reason that they are going to make that little planet like Earth. Look around and tell me you don't see whatsoever that bruises earth you can't deny this fact. Animism that says all things have a soul, well then earth also has a soul don't hurt it and If you talk about Mars, it is smaller, it might change its poise and permanency.

   Mars is smaller than earth we haven't completely studied it what if we carry out affairs that unhinge the planet environment what if it can't bear us to any further extent and scrap itself into the cosmos.

   What will we, primitive beings do; go mine the planet, make hovels in it until it doesn't got any more resources, we are looking for the resources! what we really need is a bond between us and the nature, the universe? we must sanctuary everything every dust particle of the planet.

So, should we go to the outer space to inhabit planets?

   Yes, I believe we should go to Mars if there are not enough resources on Earth. what we need is the survival of our species, our existence. We might need to go out (but it is not too late) and find a "safe house" for our existence and a search for other beings and viable solutions!

Image Credit NASA/JPL/link

   The above chromatic-colored map by NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter validates the probabilities of water on the Red Planet. The RGB colored surface reveals that the water ice caps are closer to the surface while the friendly colors contradict this. The black areas cognizant that there is menace of plummeting into fine dust.

   As specified from space agencies there are projects to go and establish a human colony at Mars. SpaceX and NASA look forward for our march on Mars. We may see our fellas landing on the Red Planet and stepping on the fine dust particles of Martian soil.

   the ships of both space agencies are being assembled at their respective laboratories. They have announced their spaceships that they are going to use; NASA follows up with its SLS rocket and SpaceX with its starship. Both have different visuals for the planet but the idea is though same.

   We need is to go into the outer space and find some innovative planets where we can grow and live, making our species interplanetary, survive due to the immense impairment we are making our planet Earth. We should do it taking into account our blunders here on Earth to not repeat them. Moreover, we all know the truth we can’t change the past but we can change the future.

   It won't be calm and it will be treacherous for persons that will journey during the first missions as problems not yet studied, might occur leading to a crisis.

SpaceX and NASA thoughts

video by @Hanns from Youtube Link

video by @NASA from Youtube Link

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