editeed by me) A humble greeting to steem community. So, ..."> editeed by me) A humble greeting to steem community. So, ..."> editeed by me) A humble greeting to steem community. So, ...">


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   A humble//cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmRQsv8M5RBH5gKsnPMq1wYk7UWbe6HMPQ7FFb9vqhFXwJ/g4795.png">editeed by me)

A humble greeting to steem community. So, who I am? Well, an easy answer to this question will be of course this post. Today I am going to introduce myself to you all. Where does it start? I am not new to this blockchain. I mians.div>
   About myhain from a friend of mine. I visited and found it very engrossing to apportion my notions with all the steemians.

About my age, you just need to know that I am the youth of my country. My inborn hobby is mainly Art that has been out of practice for me many months now. I like to compose paintings and carve sculptures mainly; overed.
   Art is ii’s work is a prominent inspiration for me and I am fond of his artwork and the mysteries of his artwork to be discovered. Art is in my passion but I guess I don't have enough time to give it but I try to. It just doesn't move me out of the daily busy life in the world into imaginations but it also inspires me about being an inventor thinking about different principles of environment around us. It causes me think about nature and in my view, Art is a very ts.<

My own artwork

   My g;

Image source:Image source My own artwork

My grail is to be a programmer and my father also keeps me devoted towards my aim but my instincts are a little bit different from this aim I would like to be an inventor, well there isn’t pretty difference in both of this. I want to give something revolutionized and ecofriendly to the world. I consider Physics as an important part of Science and sometimes I think to have a Ph.D in Physics and I think that can help me in my instincts and it may help me to keep myself around s.DesktopNexus ]

(Image Source: Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash Link)

   So, >       &nbs;                p;         bsp;   [Image Source: DesktopNexus ]

So, what is life, what is consciousness, my idea about life is that it's p; 

https://all enjoy every part of lifKEJ1pXPw

(Vidy have been sent by God to examine them. I thought of te)a>

   I hod that I was different, for me to just memorize things and give exams were not a prudent thing, what I really need were some experiments. I want some inventions, some explorations, and discoveries, but to achieve these you probably gotta have money. I want to have some adventures and do something that everyone nity (Video by @ BBC studios on YouTube; Felix jumping from space)

I hope that being together with you guys I would scrutinize new things that I don’t know and divide up my ideas and thoughts with you all. I have been here and I am not new but I don’t know much about steem than you guys and I think that you all could help me about my confusions and other things while at steem community.  

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Welcome leonardodaslade!
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23.11.2019 14:41

Hi there @leonardodaslade!
Seems that you’re still quite young, that’s very nice, I love youngsters coming here to Steemit, you’re very important to give us fresh air and ideas 😉
In my humble opinion you have it quite clear what it goes with you: “inventing” ... well all scientific disciplines are needed if your invents goes on the technological path so any engineering fits your needs.
If you’re on the artistic path you’ll need to acquire skills on those that you want to develop, call it sculpture, painting, music...
What’s is clear for me: form yourself, study as much as you can to be confident in any of the paths you’d choose to take. Effort, persistence, patience and passion are keywords to me.
Will be following your progress. Count on me for any doubt, question ... I’m here to help as much as possible!
Sending there my best wishes and vibes 😉

23.11.2019 15:08

Thanks for giving time to my post @darkernoise I hope i will amaze you in upcoming posts

23.11.2019 16:52

Very good text ... and for first post it come very good :)
I hope soon I see more what you post ;) And hi from Estonia :)

23.11.2019 15:55

Thanks @foxkoit I am glad that you liked my first post

23.11.2019 16:54

Npr :)

23.11.2019 18:03

Welcome to Steemit! It's really a great place for the enthusiast writers and for the people who want to share their good work with the world! :)

23.11.2019 17:06

This is great

Keep on blogging

23.11.2019 17:56

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Thank you so much for your interest!

23.11.2019 18:22

Nice introduction post and your work of art looks amazing. Welcome onboard, hope to see more.

Posted using Partiko Android

23.11.2019 18:33

Great job on your introduction! I really like that celestial sun/moon artwork, it is awesome! 😁

23.11.2019 19:41
Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
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23.11.2019 19:45

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23.11.2019 19:52

Looking good! Hang in there.

24.11.2019 17:13