LeoDex Report: STEEM Deposited/Withdrawn on LeoDex | Top Users | User Savings

LeoDex has has been around since the end of October 2019. Since then more tokens has been listed on the exchange and user has taken advantage of the lower fees that the DEX offers.

Depositing through LeoDex is cheaper than alternative services with a 0.25% fee on deposits and 0.35% fee for withdrawals. The standard fee on SE is 1%. It is mobile-friendly, fast and features a more user-friendly interface. It also has an advanced wallet page, open orders tab and some other additions.



In this report, we will be looking into the daily transactions, deposits and withdrawals on the LeoDex exchange.

LeoDex uses the @leodex account as a gateway for STEEMP. When you deposit STEEM, it gets transferred to the @leodex account, and then it gets instantly converted into STEEMP and sent back to your account.

The data will be presented for the period between 10/27/2019 to 01/12/2020.

This is basically the period when LeoDex has been operational.

Deposits/Withdrawals on LeoDex

Below is a chart that represents the cumulative STEEM deposits/withdrawals on LeoDex.


The yellow represents the deposits and the orange the withdrawals.

The data shows a clear and steep trend upwards on both sides of the spectrum. The data is presented here as the overall volume. Deposits/Withdrawals are important for the DEX and all the tokens listed on it as the fees collected are used to burn an equivalent amount of each listed token.

Since October 27th, a total of 109,878 STEEM has been deposited. 91,122 STEEM was withdrawn and the total volume of deposits and withdrawals on the Dex was 201,000 STEEM.

Here is the chart on daily deposits/withdrawals on the DEX.


There have been a few spikes where the Dex reached above 15,000 STEEM in volume per day. The average daily volume on deposits/withdrawals in this period has been around 2500 STEEM.

Here is the chart that summarizes the deposits/withdrawals on a monthly basis.


Note that there is only 12 days from January here, but we can see a clear up trend by month.

Users that deposited the most on LeoDex

Here are the users that deposited the most on LeoDex.


The @zaku account is in first place with around 30k STEEM deposited, next comes @riseofth and @wilkinshui.

Users that withdraw the most from LeoDex

Here are the users that withdrawn the most on LeoDex:


The @siroto account is on the first place with around 4k STEEM withdraw, next comes @steem.leo and @quorum4.

User Savings from LeoDex

As mentioned above the LeoDex STEEM/STEEMP gateway offers lower fees on deposits and withdrawals than all the alternatives.

How much STEEM have our users saved by taking advantage of the lower fees?


These are the cumulative savings from deposit and withdrawal fees.

@zaku is the biggest saver so far and has saved 252 STEEM simply by using the LeoDex to deposit and withdraw STEEM and STEEMP.

The LeoDex has saved a total of 1,470 STEEM for all of its users!

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Report by @dalz

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14.01.2020 22:48

Love statistics like these. I've saved some Steem by using leodex, very happy.

Posted using Partiko Android

14.01.2020 22:57

That's nice to hear :)

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

14.01.2020 23:01

Since the end of October 2020?

Posted using Partiko iOS

14.01.2020 23:24

Corrected :)

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

14.01.2020 23:32

I never used it but cool to save on fees and to have some competition in place.

15.01.2020 00:26

Wow i wasn't really aware of this very low fees for sure i will try this out thanks for the update.

Posted using Partiko Android

15.01.2020 02:44

This is a great report and the nitty-gritty details i love to know.

I've noticed my withdrawal times have got much faster as well. Steemleo is taking over and im glad to be a part of it.

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

15.01.2020 04:11

I've used the Leodex and it's simply beautiful, No more hitches of delayed loading and other bugs on steem-engine. Thanks for the dev.

Posted via Steemleo

12.02.2020 19:47