Oops Bojo did it again.


So, on March 9th 2020 Italy locked down their country. Britain would follow suit two weeks later.

Worried about behavioural fatigue, Johnson wanted to wait. He didn't want it to interfere with the Cheltenham Festival March 10-13. Didn't want to cancel Liverpool v Athletico Madrid on March 11. God forbid the pandemic messed with sport.

Or Christmas. It was pretty obvious by December that Britain had a second wave. But Boris wasn't a man to under promise and over deliver. At each point Britain locked down too late.

We didn't even shut our fucking borders. Sure we did - to the little people. But not to billy big bollocks and his private jet. More than 95,000 people flew into Britain during the first lockdown.

And so to now.

Boris was still planning to fly to India even ten days ago. He delayed shutting the borders - again. And unlike when he closed stores with two hours notice, he gave people almost two weeks notice. Or as we like to refer to it, COVID incubation time.

There are now 400 confirmed cases of the India variant in the UK. How many were there when it was first identified as an issue weeks ago?

(There were 77 cases around the 16th - 18th. That's approximately two weeks ago. When people were first asking why the borders are not shut?)

At every stage Boris has dithered, afraid of acting in a way that would damage the country economically, and in doing so ended up costing far more in economic damage and lives lost.

Britney Spears has nothing on Boris. Oops he fucking went and he fucking did it again.

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