Zorky-35M, 1969 Edition

Produced 3 prototypes.

Small format rangefinder rigid construction with built-in self-timer mechanism. The format of a frame is 24x36 mm. Metal body with hinged hinged back cover. The trigger cocking of the shutter is interlocked with simultaneous transportation of the film. On the front panel of the housing there are two sockets for the cable connection of different types of lighting devices. Curtain-slit shutter works out exposures from 1 to 1/1000 s and "B". In the viewfinder field, there are 2 luminous frames for interchangeable lenses with F = 50 mm and F = 85 mm. The full field viewfinder corresponds to F = 35 mm. Parallax is eliminated automatically during focusing.
The main lens "Jupiter-8" 2/50 mm.

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