Sharp-15, Release 1975

Produced 2 prototypes. Small-format metrazhny device box type. Frame size 18x24 mm. Metal body elongated. The rear wall, hinged on the hinges, provides access to a special built-in sliding block, in which a cassette with a film is located. This modular design makes it possible to replace one unit with a cassette with another.
On the left side of the case there are:

  • disk installation diaphragm;
  • lens focusing disc;
    -disc setting extracts;
  • Push button shutter button.

The rear wall (below) has a viewfinder window, and the diopter adjustment disk is located on the bottom wall of the case. Shutter cocking and film transport interlocked. The central shutter fulfills the shutter speeds from 1/40 to 1/1500 s. Lens non-replaceable "Helios-98" 2.8 / 28 mm.

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