Mediacoin - make money by downloading and sharing files without attachments

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Mediacoin is a blockchain file sharing network with internal cryptoeconomics. The network makes it possible to receive rewards for the distribution and publication of content: video, audio, games, pictures and other documents.

This is a functioning project that provides the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by placing and distributing media files, almost like torrent, you can say you can mine on your hdd.

In order to start earning here, follow the instructions below:

1) Follow the link - Mediacoin

2) Download the application on your PC (available for Windows and MacOS)

3) We install, register, registration is very easy, specify the logs and password (and in no case do not forget the password and login, since you will not be able to recover it)

4) Start uploading files to this service. By publishing a file for the first time, you automatically become its author, and for all subsequent distributions of your files you get a reward.

5) When other people download your downloaded file, you get rewards from sharing your file.

6) You can also invite friends (referral program). With refs you will receive 11% of their earnings on the platform.

Your earned coins can be sold on livecoin exchange

I’ll conduct a small experiment now, I download different files for a total volume of 200 gb, then I try not to turn off my PC for 1 week and look at the result of how much I can earn coins and then for 1 month, and I won’t download new files all this month I will not turn off the capabilities of the PC.

And I also wanted to finish it, if you think that without investments you will earn millions, then you are mistaken. You can always earn a little, but you can.

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