Steemit Sets Up Shop on Tron Network

The companies announced Friday that Tron and Steem developers will jointly be looking into migrating Steem products and users to the Tron network, and ultimately swapping the STEEM token for a new Tron-based version.

Interesting article about a proposed partnership between Steemit and Tron. It's hard to comment too much when there doesn't seem to be too many details out yet, but I will say that this can't be all bad, Steemit needs a push to a new level. Steemit needs excitement like ethereum has right now. We will see, but it has the potential to be a win win.

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It doesn't look like the market is too wild about it so far.

16.02.2020 14:24

You are right about that!

17.02.2020 14:05