Vietnam Da Nang itinerary

Vietnam Da Nang itinerary

My sister, my parents, and my family of 9 have been here for three days and four nights.

Of course, there is a physical damage, but it seems to be a meaningful trip.

The course that my family has visited is almost the same as the course where many people go for 3 nights and 4 days.

There is a place where Danang and its surroundings will be there anyway. It is different only if you go there for a couple of days on a tea trip.


Day 1: Incheon (departing at 20:30) → Danang (arriving at 23:10)

Day 2: Hotel Swimming, Lotte Mart, Coconut Boat, Hoi An Old Town

Day 3: Yeongheung Temple, Mike Beach Walk, Han City, Bean Cafe, Danang Cathedral, Hotel Swimming, Massage

Day 4: Banana Hill, Massage, Danang (departing at 22:30) → Incheon (05:00 Arrival + 1)


The airline used it on it. ^^


I. Day 1, Incheon to Da Nang (East Air, ZE593), Hyatt Da Nang Resort


I arrived at the airport at 3:30 pm on an early flight at 8:30 pm.

Because it is low-cost airline, there is a situation that it is necessary to be torn apart with a party going together at a later time. ^^;

Fortunately, we were given early seats to sit down and sit down together.

What was to be arranged at the airport.

The time is uncertain, so dinner is taken at the airport building.

For reference, #Esta Air # ZE593 departs from the departure east, so it is recommended to move in a little hurry.


When I go to play, I carry my new bag from Nike and go to the gate.

There was quite a lot of people at the airport on the 5th of June because there was a memorial bridge leg holiday on the Memorial Day, but it was very good than before because the 2nd terminal occurred.


I took an airplane at ANGWAY 20:30, and I took off for about 15 minutes because there was a lot of traffic.

Thanks to the arrival time was a little bit delayed,


It is Da Nang Airport that arrived after one 4hour 30min flight.

You do not need a visa at the immigration screening.

First of all, it was clean and nice because I built a new airport. There is still not enough operating system for it.

The speed of baggage ... or customs.


We used the pick-up service before we left, and the driver was waiting for us at the arrival point, so we took the Ford Ben and headed to Da Nang Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa.

It took me 20 minutes to get to the hotel from the hotel.

I think I will be there in 10 minutes if I drive, but the people of this country really liked most of the tourists who like me to drive while keeping the prescribed speed (60km / h).

However, since the flow of motorcycle and car are tangled together, those who are new to Southeast Asia are very unhappy and uneasy. ^^;


If you arrive in Da Nang late at night, be sure to leave a note at the hotel with a late check-in, and ask for a high floor so that you can get a good view room.

Please do not hesitate to contact us because you will be assigned a higher view room with higher priority than those who have never requested anything.


My family stayed in a 3 bed room residence. When I made a reservation in February, I made a note of the request mentioned above. # I was able to get the best room at Hyatt Danang.

The people who work there are the best rooms in this room.

It was really good because it was a really good view.


II. Day 2, Hyatt Da Nang Regency Resort Spa, Lotte Mart, Coconut Ship, Hoi An Old Town and Herbal Spa Massage


The next morning, it was about 5:30 in the morning.

I woke up early to open myself to the curtains, and I woke up again, and quite a lot of people were playing on the beach.

Later, I knew that in the middle of the day, the white sand almost heated to the iron level, so I could not play it right after the sun set and just before the sunset. It is diligent!

It was probably 9 o'clock in the morning when I took this picture. It was scary hot and hot because I felt the sun came up in the middle. Hehe


Our family also has a simple breakfast and then takes the kids and heads straight to the pool. (Breakfast is not enough ...)

All the movements within the hotel are transferable by a train called bugi carta.

Because it is so hot, I sweat a lot even if I go 100 meters. When I do a phone call for that time, Buguka will come to the door to pick you up.


Hyatt Da Nang has a main pool and small pools around it, and most kids come to the main pool because of the slides, because there is only one of the pools here.

But I can not think of such a water park in my country.

Nevertheless, the children did not know how to go on time.


Can you see the picture? It is this kind of slide.

I came down from a height of 3 meters depending on me, and the children felt thrill ^ ^

Please note that adults can not ride. haha


The main pool is roughly like this.

There is no meaning of preemption in the early morning because there is a shade in and out depending on the location for the sun bed.

Just sit in the shade when I come.

There seems to be little sunbeds competition.


I finish swimming in the morning and head to Lotte Mart.

Eat something to change the dollar that was exchanged for the accident again.

Anyway, if there is a dong, it is less inconvenient to eat and write locally.

Because exchange money is expensive in hotel, we recommend exchange desk in Lotte Mart.

If you know where else is cheap, you can go there but avoid the hotel ^^


Go to Hoi An after seeing the Zhang Guoil from Lotte Mart. There is an old town called Hoi An # Coconut Boat and activities to write in a basket.

First, I got on a coconut boat. The entrance fee for the town is different, and the cost of boat is different.

I do not know why, but it was the experience I wanted to see. The water was not clean and sunshine was sunny. I went to the basket. I was nervous. I showed the basket boat show but I do not have much inspiration. Anyway, my standards were not very good.


It is a coconut boat that I want to dry when I say that it is because I ate enough to get older, but it is different.

Korean trot or vietnam singing, turning the ship like that, or just dancing to the song on the boat, surrounding the coconut boat with the tourists.

And when it is finished, I take a tip. haha


I can feel this wonderful feeling in the photographs ^^ Actually, I would like to try to go and actually ride or I want to dry it.

If you are going to go, please do not go.


The children make these things with coconut leaves, but the kids like it, of course I will. ㅠ

Especially when the locust is perfect, it looks like a grasshopper at first glance ...

My mother took a shower in front of the door and almost got smashed.


Now, this is Hoi An traditional village.

It is less sunny due to the sun, and the atmosphere is so perfect that it was okay to walk.

But people are scary and very scary. People who bump into people, live and hate these things can be stressed ^^ ;;

Nevertheless, I think it was the best tour in the day.

The coconut boat has lowered my expectations.


Each building is displayed with beautiful flowers and lights,


On the other hand, you can feel the atmosphere of Old Town by watching the tiles of these old houses.

Only one hour is enough. If you go any further than that, you will get a lot of thought that you want to go home quickly ^^ ;;


But if you go to Hoi An traditional village, please go to the bridge.

I do not know anything else, but all the pictures I got here are all right, from the Battle Trip to the river above the river.

It is also nice to see ~ ~ And wish to see the wishes of floating, you can pray.


I was able to take such a pretty picture on my own because of the timing that I had to go through.

Therefore, we recommend you to go to Hoi An Old Town after 4 o'clock, to take a picture like this before you turn around.


And at the entrance to Hoi An traditional village, there is a house of anti-Americanism, and there are really many people here!

Many locals, tourists, were waiting. It looks like President Clinton has come to eat when I look at the picture at first glance.


Swimming on the morning of this day In the afternoon, I got back to my accommodation with Lotte Mart and Hoi An traditional village and coconut boat. It was around 9 pm and I think it was just a good schedule ^^

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