Travel to Australia Gold Coast

Travel to Australia Gold Coast
Take a trip to Australia's Gold Coast from New Zealand. I do not think it will help anyone in Korea. The source is my own personal blog, and I do not have to visit because the text has been moved.

5 years old, 2.5 years old Two daughters and the whole family traveled abroad for the first time. Before the second was born, I took Fiji and Rarotonga (Cook Islands) with the first, but I could not play so well because I was young and not friendly with water or sand. After that, I learned to swim first, and seemed to have a little bit of fear about strangeness and strangeness naturally. The second was a boy with a girl 's riding who had no fear of being born. I went to the Gold Coast for 3 hours with two kids of different character for the first time and it was okay because the children were better than I thought on the plane.

I bought a roaming pack with Spark NZ for $ 20, 7 days, 1.5GB, 200 minutes, 200 characters. It has become cheaper than before, but it still feels expensive. I had to use Google Maps to rent a car.

After arriving at the Gold Coast, I allowed roaming on my Android phone, so there was no problem sending or receiving phone calls or data. But later I sent a text to the Australia number, and the transmission continued to fail. Sending text to the NZ number was successful. I do not know if I need to set something up.

We had to exchange the NZD 600 at ANZ after seeing the statement that we needed a $ 200 hotel deposit. When exchanging money, I was able to exchange money without exchange fees because I am an ANZ Visa Premium holder.

Both the Sea World and the Currumbin Zoo have bought vouchers in advance, and have not eaten out many times, almost hunting for $ 200. I did not have to worry about it because I was able to pay a certain fee and withdraw from the ANZ ATM if needed.

ETA / Visa, Gold Coast Airport Entry / Departure
NZ Citizens
Both daughters are both birth born and dual citizens. I was worried that the first NZ passport was only valid for 5 months. In Australia, I did not need a six-month validity period if I traveled within the passport validity period. NZ citizens did not need visas or ETAs.

After arriving at the Gold Coast airport, it was divided into E Passport holders and other passport holders. Just at the Other Passport, all of the family members were able to complete the examination and enter the country without any problem.

Upon departure, after entering the primary security checkpoint at the domestic / international airport, the security checkpoint was once again checked at the international airport departure point and then checked for immigration after the second security check. Two children with NZ citizenship went to separate window, and I was able to go to an unmanned judging desk, scan passports, check in front of the camera, and leave.

A Korean citizen
Korean passport holders had to get an ETA.
 After making a payment, you can apply for an AUD 20 payment. However, South Korea and Korea, Democratic People, and Republic Of are all on the list. I was a little worried when I chose the country. We have to be very careful not to choose North Korea, because every country, South Korea, and Republic Of Korea.

After paying the fee for each individual, the confirmation e-mail was sent to the e-mail address including the reference number and the Visa Grant number.

For reference, the possession of NZ permanent residence has nothing to do with identity when entering Australia.

Travel insurance
Looking at the Australian site, I saw a statement that NZ citizens must be covered by travel insurance, which includes health insurance coverage, because non-emergency medical care is not supported.

NZ citizen traveling to AU should cover travel insurance to cover non-emergency health care costs, including repatriation and ambulance costs.

ANZ Premium Visa Card Travel Insurance
If you pay more than half of your travel expenses by card, you can get it free of charge. The non-emergency medical insurance function was included.

Check Eligibility
What is covered
Auckland Airport Parking
I reserved NZD 59 for 5 days in area E, the long-term parking area. When entering / leaving the parking lot, the credit card used for reservation was used as a parking card. I was able to get back home without any problems because I had no problem in starting 5 days after arriving. If it did not happen, it might have called AA emergency service or asked a vehicle out of the area.

Driving in Australia with NZ Driver License
Driving in Australia
The owner of a New Zealand driver's license is not allowed to travel to Australia. However, it is important to check with the licensing agency in the particular state that you are planning on visiting. See the list below:

New South Wales:
South Australia:
Western Australia:
Northern Territory:
As a result of review, it was possible to drive with NZ license until 3 months. There was no problem when renting a car. I do not know if there is any problem other than that because I do not use my driver's license while driving, but basically I do not have any problem without NZ driver's license or International Driving Permits (IDP).

Car rental
In. It was AUD 252 for a five day rental with a small, self-paying cover, windscreen / tire cover, emergency service, unlimited distance.

Rental Base Rate $ 116.00
Liability Waiver LDW
$ 96.80
Windscreen & Tire Cover $ 20.00
Premium Roadside Assistance $ 19.80
Because it was not located in the airport, we had to go by free shuttle bus. After arriving, I turned on the roaming phone, and within a few minutes, the shuttle bus arrived and moved easily. When I made the reservation, I did Suzuki Swift class, but I got modern accent sports. When I received the vehicle, I checked the status. When returning, I was able to check the status and move back to the airport by shuttle bus again.

Flight and flight
In fact, there was not much going on overseas trips, and some of the Asiana miles were going to be extinguished. However, I did not have a seat on my round trip, so I had to cut off one way to Air New Zealand again with one Asiana mileage. One year ago, there were no seats in the high seasons like the low season or the Queen's Birthday.

Auckland -> Gold Coast
I purchased a one-way ticket with Asiana Miles. Seat search was too uncomfortable on the Asiana website. I had to do a new search every time I changed the date. In general search, it searches directly to previous / next date. Mileage ticket did not have such a function. So I gave up buying on the website and made a phone call.

For airline tickets purchased with other airline miles, Air New Zealand website does not support pre-check-in or seat assignment. So, as I did before, I called the Air New Zealand Korea branch and assigned a seat. In the case of check-in at the airport, the passport was scanned from the kiosk. I printed my ticket and took it, but I did not need it.

When I got on the airplane, it was a mileage ticket, which included all of the meals, movies, and luggage. I went to see movies, eat meals, and relaxed. It took a little over three hours.

For just over three hours, the first one, five years old, enjoyed a lot of animation enjoyment. Secondly, I sat up with the first person sitting next to me, I got a little dizzy, and I got tired of sleeping twice, but I did a lot better than I thought. Since I do not usually show TV, animation of a few hours of enjoying in an airplane seemed to be able to endure three hours for children. However, I think it is better to segregate the children next time.

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