Toyo Tommy window-type air conditioner straight-through installation use summary

Toyo Tommy window-type air conditioner straight-through installation use summary

Before July, I thought I would have to buy an air conditioner, and I went straight.

It is the best way to have a wall-mounted air conditioner. I had trouble installing the wall-mounted air conditioner, so I had trouble installing the wall-mounted air conditioner.

The buying criteria was a bit of a priority because once you slept in the living room last summer, the first one should be back at night and sleep in the room.

I thought that I would buy a new window type air conditioner with the lg inverter motor in the Amazon for the first time because it was air-cooling ability. I picked the smallest of the window types, Toyotomi 160J.

Air-conditioner purchase cost 520,000 won - Open market purchase

additional cost. - Transfers, VAT (18%), Transformers are purchased from the open market.

There is a 3K transformer that I used.

As a reference, we bought about 80,000 of the down transformer for the previous purchase. (I remember that I did not remember the exact price.)

The shipping cost is different for each shopping mall, and the VAT is different depending on the price of the goods.

Box is bigger than expected.

Shipment - It took me 18 days to get it. (Including 4 days in the middle of the holiday) It takes about 2 weeks. When I look at the history of customs clearance, it comes to Busan from Japan. It takes about 3 ~ 4 days from customs clearance a week.

Open the box and you'll hear it. Air conditioner with window frame The weight of the air conditioner is 23kg It seems to be heavy for a woman alone.

Cats and window frames that come out of the window The window frame is made of aluminum and is lightweight and has a sliding window window width of 45, a screw hole and a concrete nail.

There is an angle above the window frame. The width of the main window frame is 1cm. If you lower the lower angle and turn it the other way, it will fit into the larger window frame.

At first, the window frame is separated by a lower angle by 1cm than by a little more than this.

Anyway, when you put that angle into the window frame and fix it and tighten four screws, the window frame installation is finished.

The installation is different from the thickness of the window frame, so it took about an hour for the barrel to come out, and then it would be about 30 minutes.

There is no problem opening and closing the windows. When the air conditioner starts up, the windows at the back should always be open.

The rear window should be kept open at all times. Moisture condensation is self-evaporating. If it is used in dehumidifier mode, then piping is not necessary.

If you get more than 85% in the bucket, you will be asked to remove the hose from the rear.

The above picture is an internal noise measurement, but there is a difference between the inside and the outside noise.

When the air conditioner is turned off, it will not turn off immediately, but it will be off for 10 to 20 minutes when the dry delivery function is activated. The air conditioner is used in the automatic mode. It is cooled, it is blown, it changes to the drying function, and it changes according to the set temperature. There is no liquid crystal to see the temperature change.

Cooling area: 1850 (4 to 5 pyeong) Power consumption: 598W Sound pressure level noise - Internal: 39dB, external 48dB

Toyo Tommy window - type air conditioner disadvantage.

  • The name is unpleasant. When Toyotomi is remembered by him, his name is once a pleasure. (Admiral Admiral sticker sticking)
  • additional costs incurred. Additional cost of air conditioner, shipping cost + bureau tax + transformer is about 200,000 won. The VAT is 18% of the product price. (I have calculated it roughly.
  • There is no liquid crystal to know the temperature on the outside. You can only control with the remote control. The remote control only shows the temperature I set.
  • If you are fasting, it is for domestic use in Japan.
  • The transformer must be used unconditionally due to the use of 110V power supply. If the transformer is not used, the fuse blows out and breaks.

Toyotomi window type air conditioner advantage.

  • Installation is easy enough to have only one cross drive.
  • Noise is bigger than wall-mounted air conditioner, but it is quite quiet. When the compressor returns, the noise increases considerably. The person who is sensitive ...
  • The cooling capacity is not much different from the wall-mounted air conditioner. If the air conditioner is around 10 minutes, rooms of 4 ~ 5 pyong will cool down soon.
  • Easy to disassemble because it is easy to install, so if you want to sell your house now and move it to another place, you can easily move it.
  • Automatic mode, air conditioning, drying, ventilation, and the regulator mode are easy to manage because there is no big function.

The pros and cons are subjective conclusions I feel.

It is difficult to install wall-mounted air conditioner.

The mobile air conditioner is too loud, I changed it, but I did not have a choice, but if you think about cost or a / s etc, wall air conditioner is better.

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