Ten years of used trades

Ten years of used trades

24-year-old worker.

I started a used trade at the age of 14.

Since then I have been interested in electronics and wanted to try this

I have a very small amount of money that I have used,

There are only about 100 sales posts left in the used country.

If you buy from another site

I think it would be over 500 cases to buy and sell

Not a contractor.

It's just stronger than others.

Used Country

In the early days, it was a cafe that really operated well

It was easy to buy and sell all used goods

As the café grows, so do the ads.

Because management is focused on commercialization and becomes poor,


Even if I write a post, I can not get a view number unless it's cool for sale.

My second country sales post in 2012

I am going to edit the title of the article after the sale has been completed.

There are not many views accumulated after the sale is completed

Even if you think that it will flow in a certain amount,

I have a much smaller number of cafe members than I am now, but the exposure is good.

My second country listings for the first half of 2019

No matter how hard you write, your views will be hard to cross

I wondered why I used it after a long time.

I knew when I looked for something I wanted to buy.

I can not find any private seller posts that I need because I have too many malicious query word posters.

(What is malicious query? To increase the exposure of the article,

Which means that your posts are exposed no matter what you search)

The first page of search results for 'iPhone' in the used country title and contents query

What is the total number of non-publisher posts in this category?

You probably expected four or six.

As a result of clicking on everything, it is all the post of the supplier

Of course, the percentage of iPhone vendors to buy a high-poisoned machine is a large number of posts (there are a lot better)

But what I can tell from this is

Only the vendor's posts are covered by macros.

 If you do not want to buy it,

The only people who want to buy are all the vendor posts.

One tip:

You can add exclusions by using the query exclusion feature.

The words that the vendors use a lot.

Search word iPhone + Exclude search term / store / buy / lowest price etc.


It's not 100 pro, but it's still minimal filtering.

I think 80% of the used country postings are posters, 10% are fraud posters, and the remaining 10% are common people

Lightning Market

As the era of smartphone comes up, it is an application that seemed to be a proponent of a second country dedicated to smart phones.

In the early days, personal direct deals were active

It seems to be more accessible than the used country

There were a lot of younger students, so the amount of transaction,

Now, like the used country, it is occupied by the handset vendors and computer traders, but it is still better than the used country.

However, accessibility to use smart phone is good

 I have not been able to clear out any good personal property from time to time, just as it has fallen into drought.

Carrot market

I came out on Facebook several times and installed it once.

The advantage is that even for ordinary people, when you view a vendor's post, pressing the button once will notify you that the post will be cleared promptly

You can get ridiculous second-hand goods because you have a high percentage of the general public (you can buy cool merchandise and you can see expensive second hand goods)

However, the number of users is very small compared to the used country and the lightning market.

The app itself is okay, but there's nothing to write about because it's not for sale.

It's been 10 years since I've been trading for 2 years.

In case of non-skilled items, it is good to get a good deal with a few risk of fraud if you look at related community sites or club cafes.

In the case of popular items, it is easy to find by using the second country query filtering function

If you do not have a favorite item in your second country,

When I want to make an impulse purchase when I have a little money, I take a look at the cargo market,

For reference, Clujang Market is selling very fast if the price of electronic products is just cool

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