This problem is a problem that more than one-third of Korean boys go through. There are not many posthumous reviews, and I do not want to go anywhere. I want to boast, and I am hesitant because some people might be helpful. I will write.

With the help of anonymity, I have a problem with Joe. (I'm afraid to mention it again ;;)

I do not know who has not gone through it properly, but this is not just a matter of shrubbery, it's a matter of self-respect and personality that goes along forever. I do not think anyone will know the pain of this chronic depression without going through it myself. (There are also a lot of articles and articles, but I think this is what people who have not had trouble with Joe.)

This was a problem even in my love days, but then I was able to psychologically avoid it in some other way. I imagined that I would be stressed and depressed by this problem for 50 years after marriage. He said.

So, I decided to break through this problem without any further problem. If I can not solve it, I am determined to be married and set a priority for my life and I have a roadmap for solving it.

It is a scary thing to kneel on the body, and the cause may vary, so I decided to postpone the operation to the last stop and try other possible ways. So the woven roadmap,

  1. Exercise as much as possible (Kegel exercise, rubbing with a towel). (Squat and aerobic exercises are omitted as usual)
  2. Eat a drug.
  3. Use anesthesia condoms and shades.
  4. If you still can not see the surgery once.

It was.

Let's take a closer look.

  1. Exercise Exercise: When urinating, when you sit down and sit on the subway, I made a habit of exercising Kegel while watching the phone. (Now, whenever I sit in a chair, I have a habit of exercising automatically.) And I rub it with a towel every time I take a shower. However, it was surprisingly difficult to keep these things steady. I used to try many times before, but I used to get fainted. This time, I decided to be different from the previous one. Some sense slowed down and the ability to adjust slightly.

However, the problem is that there was almost no meaning in the battle. It is a completely different situation in the subway where the eyes are closed and all kinds of stimulation and mental burden are involved. So I can not stop this, I decided to add medication.

  1. Medication: By Google, I was surprised that anti-premature drugs are SSRI ingredients like depression medication. I was a little worried about eating psychiatric medication, but it is more important to keep my personality and self - esteem. At first there was quite a bit of effect. But the typical side effects of psychiatric drugs are also coming. For example, is your spirit a little blurred and you feel depressed? And again, the pleasure in the climax was considerably halved. The biggest problem was that the more you take the medicine, the more resistant it is. So I was forced to increase the dose more, but I calculated it by taking 3 times a week and it cost me. Costs are also costly, but psychiatric drugs have a lot of side effects when taken over a long period of time.


  1. Anesthesia Condoms and Dengsik: This is a slightly better alternative. But the problem is ... Anesthesia condoms are a little thicker (probably because they have a large number of drugs that explode), and my girlfriend often gets sick. And the problem is that the problem is ... I should wait for about 20 minutes after sprinkling. The atmosphere suddenly burns up. 'Baby, I sprinkle a little while. I have to wait for 20 minutes. "It was a problem that the atmosphere was getting cold. ㅠ And besides, sometimes it does not absorb well and it does not work. When I try to sow it surely, the problem is that it is paralyzed to the body part.

So it seems like there was always a problem once in a couple of times. So I have to do this for 50 years ... . So, let's see what we know about surgery, and we decided to do it.

  1. Surgical Research: When I went to a chain-type hospital where I had good ankle surgery, I had a lot of regrets because I was regretted by a first-rate doctor.

All of the hospitals that can be found on the internet are the best in their own technology. Fortunately, I was a great help from my neurosurgeon.

(1) Operation method

Surgical methods are divided into a large number of operations, including epidermal surgery, nerve cutting (nerve block), and nerve preservation and tie-up operations. (Actually, I was not attracted to the operation of cutting, but my friend thought it was completely different.)

(2) Reviews Search

I tried to find a lot of postoperative surgeries, but this surgery was a problem that I did not have much of late surgery. There are a lot of advertisements in the latter period. When I read some good reviews that I found out, it is a recurrence that usually becomes a problem. I was worried that I would not be able to get it back if I did not do anything well after cutting off my nerve, but I was rather worried that the nerves recovered so well that the recurrence was a problem.

(3) Doctor selection

Surgery is an important surgery (for example, LASIK), the doctor's hand technique is important surgery (for example, dichotomy), this operation is the latter, and it is unclear who will do the surgery. I have avoided. And how much of the surgery experience is being traced. Also, I prepared my own questions and chose a doctor who made the answer the brightest. I do not know hospitals that I do not know as well as doctors who do not consult with doctors who consult directly with a counselor who is not a doctor. You can not tell your doctor skills through face-to-face counseling, but can you tell if you are a responsible doctor or a business man? I have a lot of surgeries and surgeries. Many hospitals were dropped here. And, I was worried about recurrence, but I also confirmed if I could re-do it free of charge in case of relapse.

(4) Operation costs

Surprisingly, the cost of surgery was not so expensive. According to the hospital, it costs about 50 ~ 120 thousand won, but I ignored the cost problem neatly. I do not think it will be worth the price of a cell phone, but considering the weight of my situation right now.

(5) Crystallization

So, I was worried about these and other problems, and finally I decided to go to surgery. I am a little defensive personality, so I avoid the risk as much as possible. This is my marriage and personality problem (I think that, frankly, if you think about it, you have a bigger personality problem than marriage), you do not have to worry about my friend We got courageous to advice of, and bet on surgery. If you do not like the outcome of the surgery, you might be able to get it back.

  1. Surgical Procedures

I was a little nervous until the day before, but I had no idea on that day. I had to make an appointment for the surgery with my lunch time, so I went to the surgery at lunch time.

I thought I would measure my head sensitivity, but my doctor told me that I do not need it at all. I am going to check my concerns again to the end, and my doctor explained to me anatomically that the doctor did not make a big mistake and was unlucky enough to cause a big problem in terms of structure.

And the entrance to the operating room ..

There was a worry about what to do when a pretty female nurse comes in. Fortunately, the male nurse came in. In fact, I have never seen the nerves before, so what is the nervous system, how do I do surgery, I was very curious to see if I could see the operation, but my heart chopped a small curtain. And others are uneasy when I see my surgery, but I was worried about not seeing them.

About 30 minutes after the thought of arrogance, the operation was over. He told me that he had a good operation and that if he had a recurrence he would come back for free several times. And I did not give a medication in a strange way ㅡ ㅡ; I do not need analgesics or antibiotics.

And I just walked back. I used public transportation, but it was not too bad, I was not really that painful enough.

  1. Results

It was not painful until I was on the day of surgery. It has gone three to four days. Until one month after surgery, there was a feeling of discomfort sometimes.

Another disadvantage is that my girlfriend does not have the same feeling as before.

And I was able to play in about three weeks.

As a result, I was more relieved than happy.

At first, time was not much longer than others, and assuming an average of seven minutes, the median was slightly right on the normal distribution. Now, about six months later, it is about 15 to 20 minutes. Drinking goes longer. I think that maybe the brain is adapting.

In fact, I am not a bad university, and I have also experienced some difficulties in the business of investing in a difficult test, but I have not felt this sense of accomplishment and relief for a long time.

I think it is dangerous to do surgery because it is important. Even if you think about it now, I think that you made a courageous decision. If this problem is not a problem of self-esteem, a marriage-related problem, and a feeling of discomfort in putting myself in a disadvantageous position when I constantly negotiate with my girlfriend,

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