Reasons for traveling

Reasons for traveling

I felt when I read 'The Memory of the Murderer', but I certainly do not like writing by Kim Young-ha.
It was not once or twice that I wanted to let go of the middle book.
Especially, when I saw the first chapter of the book, I did not like to read it.

When you open the first page, there is this sentence.
'I think about this strange effect of this trivial question being thrown at a moment in time, as a professional curiosity.'

The first reason was because of these sentences.

This sentence, which I would rather wish to have removed, had an occupational disease,
I'll tell you what I found because I'm a writer. I have a lot of insights. Listen to me,
I felt a sense of rejection by writing a sentence that intentionally breaks breath by putting a comma in it.

Last month, the commentator Lee Dong Jin's parasites seemed to be '
I got a reputation as an antipathy. 'A sharper and discreet class allegory weaving in a clear ascension and descent'

Nowadays, the B-cut and culture are so popular that they are used to light things

To read these sentences that I want to be over packed,

The first day read only the first page because it was clogged without reading.

My favorite artists observe everyday things with the artist's eyes

Expressions that make you seem to know something new even though it is expressed in everyday language.

This writer is not interested in looking at the world,

I felt rejected because I felt that I wanted to put expression in a writer 's language.

In other words, it is felt in the manifestation of Lee Dong-jin, and it has come up smoothly throughout the book of Kim Young-ha.

Of course, even though there is a more precise expression,
You do not have to see the reader's attention until you give up the description of the world of work, but if you follow the book
I feel like I can use this sentence like this.

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