Nomatic laptop bag

Nomatic laptop bag

I needed a bag to carry around for commuting. While searching for various bag brands, I came to know NOMATIC.

 Nomatic was originally launched as a travel backpack with a funding brand that seems to have recently been a new lineup of laptops and messenger bags.

I originally had a few backpacks, and while I was looking for a bag that sideways, I came to buy a laptop bag that looked good in functionality and seemed to be a good size. (Laptop bag 10L / messenger bag 15L)

  1. Structure is divided into two parts. It is the main pocket which can store a notebook (max. 15 inches), space for storing pads and other books and items. The main pocket has four mesh pockets, two zipper pockets, and it has enough storage capacity. The impressive thing is that it offers a sunglasses case, but if you do not use this case, you can use one additional mesh pocket.
  2. The bag strap can be attached and detached with a magnet. I usually connect it through a metal ring, but it is not easy to peel off the metal plating or attach and detach the strap so I almost put on the strap. The nomatic laptop bag is easy to attach and detach. I was worried that it would not bear the weight because it is a type connecting with a magnet. I was rather embarrassed at first that I did not know how to take off the strap.
  3. I was worried about the fact that the bag did not catch the angled shape when I looked at the product reviews, but when I actually received the product, I was able to maintain the shape with a harder material than I thought. Also, when I put a few books or other objects, I was able to maintain a stable shape. Rather, it is a disadvantage, but there was a limit to putting things in a mess (?). I was not flexible enough to put some bulky items, and it seemed strange or the zipper would not close.
  4. We are promoting it as a waterproof bag, but this part still needs confirmation. However, the material seems to be waterproof, and I think zipper will be somewhat waterproof.
  5. There is a device (?) On the bag strap so you can adjust the strap quickly. It is a method to press and fasten with a strap of a material like a seat belt with a forceps (?), But it does not easily loosen. However, the weight of the bag needs to be somewhat adjustable with this device.
  6. The weight was 453g, which was not too heavy or too light.

Comprehensively, it was a fun bag to hold down quite a few functions. I thought I found a good bag for a car that I thought was not a good choice for a job shop between design and function, even though I wanted to buy a big bag. I am still commuting satisfactorily.

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