Maldive Islands

Maldive Islands

My Maldives Trip

Colombo International Airport in Sri Lanka is known as the airport via the Maldives, and the flight from Sri Lanka to the Maldives is cheap. So I went to the Maldives for a round trip 200,000 won on Korean Air. It is a bit ironic that a bachelor who has not married yet goes to the Maldives alone, but he did not want to be a good opportunity. If you come to Maldives from Seoul, you will have to pay bigger price, but you have to buy the ticket because it is cheap price.

We arrived in Sri Lanka from Maldives with the airport of Maldives.
The difference between the horizon and the ground was small and the horizon seemed so flat that I could believe that the Maldives was getting locked. You can trust the planet Earth ... .
I did not carry the US dollar but withdrew the necessary expenses at the ATM. In Maldives, I can withdraw the local currency and US dollar from the local ATM, and the foreigner can only withdraw the local currency. At the end)

Ferry or buses are available from the airport to any other island accessible to the islands. Let's use the ferry. I wanted to float on the sea of ​​the Maldives for a moment.

Pushing force
I chose a small island that is just over an hour north of Male Island called Pushy Pushi. It was a small island where you could look around in an hour on foot. There were two small beaches. Because it is a small island, parasols and beds were available for free. And small cafes and pubs in town were good for light cocktails in the evening.

Maldives Activities
We can arrange snorkeling, night fishing, scuba diving, and so on at the hotel.
I snorkeled. The first snorkeling point I went to was not much of a fish or coral, but the snorkeling on the next day was fantastic. Like the video on display TV, fish of color and stingray, coral ... . I could see.

I used the resort tour because there was a product that I could go to the resort for dinner. The price was around $ 55 for a resort buffet, with the cost of a round-trip boat.
It was a luxurious buffet that you can order immediately if you order. I really ate enough to blow up.

And just the Maldives story
I rarely took pictures in the Maldives. No, I did not. Those moments are so good that I have to lift the camera. I did not think I should take care of it.
I've taken one by one on my iPhone, but I have not got a camera. (The pictures of the body are still drones that I took care of ..)

Foreigners know where to play.
I enjoy swimming because I have a bit of experience in whatever it is.
I was always envious.
I felt that I needed a lot of information and experience if I wanted to play really well when I watched the foreigners enjoying scuba diving in the Maldives and snorkeling equipment and borrowed kayaks, snorkelling to the snorkeling point and enjoying snorkeling.

If you have withdrawn your money from the Maldives airport by ATM, do not abandon your receipt.
When I left the Maldives to change to US dollars, the staff told me, "Where did you get your money?" I told him that he had withdrawn from the ATM, but without the receipt he said it was difficult to exchange money with the US dollar. So I had to exchange money with the euro.

Maldives is a really good place. I want to go again and again and again.
But like me, Maldives is expensive! The idea was dominant.
But if you go to a local island, not a resort, you can enjoy it cheaply.
The resort is overflowing.

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