MacBook Pro 2013 Late 13-inch SSD Replacement (1TB Silicon Power)

MacBook Pro 2013 Late 13-inch SSD Replacement (1TB Silicon Power)

*. If you want to replace the SSD on your MacBook, be sure to read it first. I've been looking at it now! (8/9 added)

I bought a 13 inch version of the MacBook Pro 2013 Late at 16GB / 128GB in the market.

Since the SSD capacity is 128, I think I need to increase the capacity, so I bought 1TB of NVMe memory from Silicon Power from Amazon and bought about 3 converters from Ali.

1 TB of silicon power purchased from Algugue

(This is ... I've already installed it and took a picture of the shell.)

When I searched for converters, they talked about a lot of new technologies, but I just bought three different types of two or three dollars from Ali.

(Long black, short green, short black)

When I first came in, the black one came first, and when I plugged in the memory, it felt like a belly.

But when I install it ... 헉, ssd is not recognized.

  1. Unplug the existing memory.
  2. Insert the NVMe memory into the converter and install it.
  3. At boot time, press [Command + R (Recovery mode)] to run Disk Utility.

I ran Disk Utility and ... ssd itself doesn't appear. It's the same no matter how many times you repeat it.

Ha ... did I cut it? I thought for a moment and waited for the rest of the short converter.

Finally a new guy came and went through the process again ... but still doesn't recognize ssd.

If you do not know how to make a Mojave installation USB boot. (Mojave installation USB plug in and Option key on boot)

Mojave Install USB page-

Oh! I can see the SSD. It looks like a converter. I see this guy, I see him.

After that I just initialized the regular SSD and went through the installation process to install Mojave.

I have a sleep issue but I'm not sure yet. (I used it for 3 days now.)

Anyway, space becomes wider than before, and speed comes out faster, too.

If you don't recognize your SSD at first, boot from Mojave USB and run Disk Utility.

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