IPad Pro 3rd Generation Herb BOLTHUB

IPad Pro 3rd Generation Herb BOLTHUB

I did not know it, but it was a BASUS design product.

It will be sold in Ali when it is officially released.

Gifts? There was a bass tape non-woven tape.

Certainly the design is good because it has the same feel as the iPad.

Space Gray It is also neat.

I have one unexpected problem.

When the case is attached, the edge is not attached, and only the cable

It must be connected and used.

It is possible to match the case attached to the state of the report.


And one unexpected problem:

I thought i was going to support SD or Micro SD file app while using iOS 13 beta.

I was disappointed to be able to support only camera reader function and format only FAT32 as before.

The external hard drive normally appears in the file app.

I have not tested HDMI and earphone jack yet.

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